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It's a beautiful morning in our neighborhood on this Sunday. I have enjoyed the new colors on our little patch this past week. The weather has been spectacular with 70 degrees most days. I ventured out to shop and have my hair cut, have lunch with a friend. The rest of the time I have been doing laundry and washing windows, giving dogs baths, cooking healthy meals and cleaning this large and sprawling house. Due to my back issues I take lots of breaks to crochet on my latest blanket, Sweet Pea, eat a bit (?) of chocolate and watch old episodes of NCIS on dvd. Since being home here in Bethlehem I have avoided watching TV. Especially the news. When I'm driving I listening to Fox to catch up but my trips are short ones; everything I need is within a few miles, so no chance to fill my mind with political overload.  Today is Palm Sunday and Roger and I should have made more of an effort to get these tired bones up and out the door to church. I do feel g


Hello, how is your week going? Mine is wayyy better since I last wrote. I  am pretty much healed from my patio mishap with the exception of back spasms. Our weather was in the 70's again today. Magnolia, pear, Forsythia, and other trees are blooming  crazy with beautiful colors! Such a relief to see it all happening finally. So much work outside that needs to be done but we won't talk about that. A field of daffodils. I saw this and wanted to share - a bit silly but there you have it.  It brought back memories of my childhood. We met the school bus in an area where pussy willows grew in abundance in the Spring time. I haven't seen any in years.  Roger and I have been out and about. He started work on Tuesday. Monday he took my car in for an oil change and 2 new tires. Today I must go shopping and have my hair cut. If I feel up to it I might get a manicure. That always gives me a big boost in my self esteem:-) . I met a friend for lunch on Tuesday and


Lucy and Dolly love to play when they are outside. Outside Happy April everyone! It's late afternoon here, about 70 degrees! The dogs and I have been enjoying being outside, down at the back of the property. As We walked back there a herd of deer pointed their tails in the air and flew like the wind.  We have a small section of woods that surrounds our house so we can meander in and out of it. Hubby Roger is not too fond of clean up. He is a habitat lover for all the deer, birds and other wildlife that visits us so would rather we just LET BE! I took my camera with me and snapped a few photos to include in this posting. I do love how the late afternoon sun adds a filtered look to my photos. I am still trying to get focused pictures!! Of course it doesn't help that I take my photos with one hand because I have Dolly on the lead with the other. She's a runner and can't be trusted to be free like Lucy. I took Lucy t