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Hello dear bloggy friends! I am happy to inform you that Spring has sprung here in my part of the world-Eastern Pennsylvania.  Our temps are very up and down but I’ll take them since we have a very short Spring before our weather turns Summerish with accompanying humidity and bugs. These are blooming at the moment. However, today it is raining and some of us don’t like getting his paws wet.  I don’t mind rainy days. In fact they seem to add a cozy affection to our house. Of course most of that is due to all the clutter we have.  Especially all the yarn that is about, and books and notebooks and project bags. The list goes on. I still haven’t found a new cleaning lady or things would not look like this- !!! The dining room table is loaded down with yarn and my yarn winding apparatus. But soon and very soon all that will change as Roger and I get ourselves into second gear and start the process of cleaning our large rambling house in preparation for company arriving to celebrate a grands