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🌞 Capturing Sunshine

Hello again dear friends! I am popping in to visit you much more often these days! Who knew that in these strange times I would have more to share not less. :-)  Lately, I have been fed up...for all of 5 minutes when I had a mini panic attack the other day.  I longed to get in my car and head to Bethlehem, truth be told, still do. The reason being... My sweet Lucybelle will be undergoing surgery on Tuesday, the same surgery she had less than a year ago to have a tumor removed from her ribcage. It has grown back! Roger sort of sprang this on me a few days ago because he knows that I would worry and fret about her. I don't consider myself a worrier, I try to live in the moment, slog through difficult times slog becomes frenzied when it concerns my fur babies.   When I got off the phone with Roger I said to Mom that she would have to come with me to Bethlehem, I needed to go home. Her reply was the same as always for any instance of her leaving HER home for any reas

🌞 Sunny And Bright

Hello dear friends, I hope your days are getting brighter no matter the circumstances.  As for me, I choose to try to find something every day that is positive to dwell on. The Island is finally greening up and there are other colors showing themselves also, forsythia, flowering trees, lilacs, and tulips to name a few.   Oh, the joy of it all!  The colors make  my heart sing when driving up and down the Island! Here, at the homestead, though, we are not so fortunate. The deer are busy munching away on all the green shoots coming up in my flower beds. I would not mind if they feasted on the skunk cabbage and rhubarb but they leave them alone and go after my ornamental lilies, etc, that I have put a lot of time and money into. Grrrr. skunk cabbage I have put up deterrents to no avail. Oh, well, I am not giving up. Nooo sir-ree. I will go early to Ellsworth for my eye appointment next week and go to Home  Depot if they are open and see about taller fencing. I'm no


Hello dear friends, I hope you are all well and your anxiety attacks are few and far between. I must say I am getting rather anxious to go to my hairdresser! My mop of hair is curly, thick, bushy, and frizzy.  Oh, joy! And it hasn't been this long in 20 years. Help! It's amazing what a session with a good stylist can do for my self-esteem. Well, guess who had a birthday on Monday? Yep, you guessed right! 93 years young!  It set me to thinking if I will live that long? I have inherited a lot from Mom...A rebellious spirit, macular degeneration, fat genes, my nose, acid reflux disease,  a good work ethic, and my love of animals. The bitter and the sweet. To what do I think helped her longevity? Green beans. She has had a life long love affair with green beans. I can remember her eating them right out of the can for a snack while the rest of us were pigging out on chips or ice cream as we were crammed into our tiny living room watching black and white TV! How