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Lazy hazy days of Summe r Hi there, It's been awhile since I dropped by but a lot has been going on with my health and my mother's. I have been spending more and more time away from home and on the Island with Mom. I am back in PA for 10 days and have been trying to play catch up. So, it has been 3 months since my fall and the injury to my shoulder and I am just now having therapy for it. I have about 2 weeks of it under my belt. The Island is very beautiful this time of year.... buzzing with "summer people" at their cottages and driving up and down the road from the bridge onto the Island and down route 15 to the Lobster Capital of Maine, Stonington.  I pretty much like to stay put and away from the rubber neckers. I haven't really used my camera much lately but will show you a few that I took rather hastily one day. The top picture is the view from our hill looking off over the roof top of our neighbor and out towards Eaton and Pickering Islands.