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HOME SWEET HOME I have been back in Pennsylvania for a few weeks now. We have gone through a metamorphosis since my arrival; bleak to beautiful! Well, maybe not yet but we are getting there. I brought snow with me from Maine but it didn't last long and then about a week or so ago, Spring finally arrived and so far this is the result... I came home from Mom's very tired and not feeling very well. It was a long hard Winter there on the Island in Maine. I was glad that at 91 Mom was not on her own.  And we were very blessed to have a whole-house generator so that despite 4 Nor'easter snowstorms we were always warm, safe, and emergency free. Mom seems to be doing quite well health wise right now, finally! She misses Dad, is lonely at times, feels like she doesn't have a reason to get up in the morning and is her usual anxious self, worrying about everything, but that is just Mom.  So, I decided to come home for 6 weeks to go to my doctors,