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  Hi there! Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope that all is well with you and yours. Here at Deer Run ( aka our little slice of paradise) we are plugging away. Roger (hubby) and Mark (my son) are working 14 hour days trying to keep all their swimming pool customers happy.   I am left fancy free to do as I please. Sounds great BUT I have been feeling very poorly since my bout of food poisoning in Maine. Finally I dragged myself to the doctor and moaned and groaned pitifully. He sent me for blood work. Then, I awoke one morning with my head spinning out of control. Roger, Roger, help! Back to the doc we went. (Me grasping a pink bucket-just in case you know.) It was determined that I had inner ear infections in both ears. Antibiotics prescribed in large but pretty yellow capsules. That was last week. I am definitely on the mend. Unbelievably, my daughter, Judi, was taken to the hospital by ambulance the same day I woke up in orbit. Pneumonia. She is also on the mend, came home o