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Hi there dear friends! It's May, almost June, and we are just so green and pretty here. So different from when I was in Maine a week or so ago. Not much green there then.  Maybe now though. We have had lots of rain lately. Warm temps, then humid temps, then cool temps. Despite all this everything is thriving here at Deer Run. Speaking of Deer, we have a doe and her baby, just born by the looks, no spots yet. I have been trying to capture them on camera but our big dog barks, even when left in the house and they go running. One of these days I will have the element of surprise on my side with the dog closed in the house with the blinds drawn so she can't see what I am up to. In the meantime, look what is so refreshingly lovely to look at around here.... My peonies are just getting ready to open. I so love this color and must try and find some yarn to match for a future hooky project. The white flowers are from a tree in back of our garage and I have no id


I SO APPRECIATE YOU! Hello my friends! It's month 3 since I started this blog. If you were with me from the beginning you will probably remember that I was very green at blogging and had some frustrating blogger experiences that I ranted on and on about in one of my earlier posts. But I do feel that I have learned and matured through perseverance and am a much more comfortable blogger now. I do enjoy sharing with you and hope that you will consider becoming a follower by tapping the g+ button on the right of my blog, just under my name. I am so thrilled that even though I am obscure I have had over 600 visitors so far! Thank you, kind readers! I hope that you keep on visiting.  View from Caterpillar Hill of the bridge that goes from the mainland to Little Deer Isle. The backside of Little Deer Isle with the ocean around it and the hills of Camden, ME in the background. As you can see, not much green yet except for the evergreens. As I mentioned in an earlie


It has been absolutely ghastly here this week. Pouring down torrential rains for 48 hours straight. Flooding damage all around us from the rivers and streams crisscrossing the area in and around the Saucon Valley here in the eastern part of PA.  Mother nature didn't give us all she had though because there was no wind. I was so afraid that we would have more uprooted trees to add to the collective damage from previous wind and rain onslaughts.  We're making progress in cleaning up the damage from those storms  but it's slow going for Roger working on his own and only when he is in the mood, (wink wink).      First of all, a few pics to show you the sky according to Roger as he walked the dog just as the storm was approaching a couple of days ago. I DO like his sky photos. I think I have mentioned before that he takes only sky photos exclusively! Possibly he is hoping to record a UFO one of these evenings when he and Mysti are out walking but he would never a