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Hello dear bloggy friends. I hope that you are weathering the Winter well.❄️ Here in Eastern Pennsylvania we have had it much milder than expected, at least so far. We have had it very cold but now our temps are in the 50’s. Unbelievable! May it continue. I have dug into my photos to come up with something wintry. Can you tell that I miss the ocean? The SUPER BOWL was last night. It was a VERY exciting game. However, our team, the EAGLES, didn't win. Roger was jumping and hollering like a madman throughout the ups and downs. 35 to 35 right up to the end. THEN the CHIEFS GOT A FIELD GOAL IN THE LAST MINUTE OR TWO. So, that was that. I was disappointed and felt bad for the Eagles. But Roger was beside himself. He called some of his cronies to commiserate and they decided the game had been fixed.  🙄  I heard all this from upstairs. I put in ear pods, put the pillow over my head and drifted off to sleep. This morning I got up around 6 to let the dogs out and feed them and also the cat