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 Hello dear bloggers. It’s me again. I hope you are well and enjoying at least something that can put a Spring in your step! Here in Eastern Pennsylvania we are blooming with colors. I took a few photos the other day to prove it. I have even dug myself out of the house to be out and about. Mostly appointments, my health is not the best, heart issues, but I’m far from being incapacitated and life goes on. We all have something to deal with, don’t we. I’m working on my weight issues because I will need knee surgery sooner rather than later. I had knee replacement on the other knee about 5 years ago. Anyway, that’s where I am at. Oh the beauty of Spring! I drove through our neighborhood the other day and the flowering trees, especially the Japanese Cherrys! Love, love, love.  Today we are getting together here at the house to acknowledge my oldest grandson’s 19th birthday!  What a privilege to have these grandchildren! This grandchild is super special because he was diagnosed on the autis