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Hello there! So nice of you to visit. I haven't been up to much since being home from Maine.     Roger and I have had some discussions about selling our house and downsizing. We've even been looking at houses on the internet, talking to realtors,  and had our house appraised. It is certainly a buyer's market! We've gone to some open houses and realtors have shown us through several houses that we thought we might like but so far we have not seen anything that really rings our bell. It would require a LOT of work to sort through all we have accumulated through so many years. A house, 3 garages, 2 sheds and a full basement packed full!  And it is so overwhelming to even contemplate how we would go about accomplishing it that we keep shelving the inevitable until another day.         A SLIPPERY SLOPE     As my regular readers know, I have been feeling poorly for sometime now. I finally went to my family doc and complained again about tiredness, f


I hope that you are not getting bored with an endless parade of Maine pictures but it sure beats all those pictures of snow that I was posting a few months ago! First I have to show you a picture of one of our cats. She was mousing in the back yard, which entails sitting for long periods of time ( I go away from window, do some chores, come back later and she is sitting in the exact same spot.) There have been a few times she has been successful and brought her tropies, still alive and kicking, (she does not kill mice), into the house via the cat door. I am not overly fond of mice running around in my house. If Roger is available he is immediately given the job of getting the "thing!" back outside. But, since he is busy this summer working with my son, I have had to do the job myself. And I do mean JOB! Have you ever tried to catch a mouse in your house?? First I open all the doors and chase the "thing" with a broom in the hopes it will find one of them. If that


I arrived in Maine on the tail end of the Lupine season. A few were blooming still but looking a bit bedraggled with all the wind and rain the Island had been having. These were taken next to my NEST. While visiting my brother in York and Cape Neddick area I decided to drive into the Little town of Kennebunk that is about 15 miles from their house. As soon as I got inside the town line, the sky darkened and it looked like a storm was brewing. It had been wicked hot and humid the whole time I had been in the area. I thought I had better get my act together with the picture taking if it was going to happen so I quick snapped a picture of the town line sign. Not far from  the sign was a bridge crossing a river that runs into the ocean. When I stopped and looked out toward the ocean side of the bridge I could see a small island with a LOT of nice houses on it.  I couldn't help but think what it must be like to be on it when a hurricane was raging. Jeez Louise!  


Well, hello there! So nice of you to stop by! I have just returned from several wonderful  weeks in Maine. Many of you already know that I visit there as often as I can in the good weather months to spend time with my parents who still live in their own home on a small island  called Little Deer Isle. We like to think that our little slice of the Maine coast is unique with  several islands connected together by causeways or small bridges which are then connected to the mainland at Sedgwick by an expansion bridge. That bridge shows up in a lot of my pictures because it spans across the Eggemoggin Reach, the stretch of water between the islands and the mainland. In the Summer months it is a busy highway for sailboats especially,  both large and small,  that use the Penobscot Bay. I was fortunate to be crossing the causeway Causeway between Little Deer Isle and North Deer Isle heading to Deer Isle when I spotted a really nice schooner making it's way down the Reac