Roger and I live about 2 hours from Sandy Hook, N.J. in the northern tip and about 3 hours or less from Cape May, N.J., on the southern tip. We almost never visit anything in between. We try and go in the Spring and in the Fall. That way we pretty much have the beach to ourselves.  The park (GATEWAY NATIONAL PARK) doesn't officially open until Memorial Day and closes Labor Day. There's a $15 fee when the park is open to cover parking. Believe me when I say that the park is filled to capacity in season.  However, we go on a warm April day-we do have them in April!-and just soak all that beauty and try to absorb as much as possible ocean goodness before we have to head back inland to Pennsylvania.

We usually go for just the day. We leave home early and load up the car with chairs, jackets, a cooler and my camera. Roger likes to sit on the beach and gaze out to sea. There's the skyline of Manhattan in the distance to the left and barges and other types of  "sea vehicles" (I just coined that word) coming and going. Not to mention several species of gulls and terns and sometimes we are lucky enough to spot dolphins with our binnos. Huge waves!  It's all extremely refreshing! 

I like to walk the beaches. And snap pictures. There are several beach sections and they are all named. There's also the only nudist beach in N.J. there. It's always empty when we visit. I guess it's still too chilly for tanning the buns!

Before going home after we cross the bridge to the mainland, (Sandy Hook is an island, very narrow and several miles long).  We stop at one of the seaside restaurants and have a delicious meal with the entree freshly caught from the sea. Just a wonderful day away that I am ANTICIPATING will happen SOON!!


Sandy Hook Light located in the park.


  1. I just a minute ago had the bright idea to see when this blog began...this was a nice post. I would want to do as you guys do and go to the beach in the off season.


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