GOOD MORNING TO YOU....showing you HOOKY love today

Hi there! It's a cold one here, -6 as I write this on a sunny Thursday in the last week of February. I know that I am not posting as often as I used to when I first started this blog about a year ago now. I am having a real problem uploading pictures to the blog and I can't seem to figure out how to correct the problem. I have spent many hours trying to no avail. This morning is no different but I am in hopes of having someone come in soon who has more expertise in computer technology than I do. In the meantime I have switched over to my Kindle Fire in the hope it's not a Blogger problem but a computer one.

First of all it's been a busy month hooky wise. I have managed a bunch of finishes. Mostly hearts in one shape or another. I did a bunch of them to make into a bunting to string up in the family room. The hearts are made but the bunting will have to wait until next year in time for Valentine decorations.
Then I crocheted a bunch of little doilies in whatever colors I had number 10 thread available. I managed to find some pretty pastels and a few bright colors. I suppose these could also be used for Easter figurines or coasters.

Since I didn't get around to much Winter hooking before the season started I decided not to wait and repeat my lax-a-daisy-ness, lol, and get a head start for next year. I have started several snowflake throws. Aqua for me but when I had run out of my skein I discovered that was it. No problem, I will order some online, nope, nothing. I sure hope that it hasn't been discontinued. What will I do with 10 or 12 aqua snowflakes. Joann was the site of my original purchase but no luck there either.  In case you are wondering why in the world I would choose that color I will tell you. My color scheme in the living room is mostly turquoise and shades of blues, greens, etc.  I had the idea that if I did one up to match I could keep it in place for the whole winter season and not just Christmas. I have also started one in green to give as a gift to a family member on her birthday or for Christmas. Couldn't find more of the colors needed for the completion of  the 3  throws I'd like to finish up while there's still snow on the ground and I'm in the mood. By the way, the pattern came from a blog I follow, Betsy Makes. 

Now, let's see, what else have I been hooking...oh, yes, a red and white (as in peppermint) ripple blanket using Lucy's pattern from Attic24. Can you believe I had the most awful time getting it to lie flat. Such a simple pattern and I couldn't for the life of me figure out what I was doing wrong. Then, after frogging it several times, it came to me. I was using 2 different size yarns. One was a 4 and the other was just a bit thinner but not sock yarn. They both are Red Heart, one is Simply Soft Party and the other is Red Heart Party. Again, I am trying to find a red and white that match size wise but the supply out there is gone and I might have to wait until it gets into the summer when they will probably resupply for holiday crafting. Oh, the joys and frustrations of being a crafter out of season!

Lest you think I am all starts with no completions I want to show off my Chunky Poncho.

I subscribe to a blog called FAVECRAFTS.COM and the other day I discovered a pattern on their site for an easy poncho. My daughter mentioned that she has a hard time feeling warm when the rest of the family is complaining about the house being too warm. So, I decided to do this poncho up and see what she thought. It took one day to finish the project using super chunky yarn that I  had on hand and a size "P" hook. I have yet to give it to her, I did the hooking on Tuesday of this week and she lives in the Pocono Mts about an hour away. I will send it up to her on the weekend when the grandsons are dropped off by their dad for a stay over for several days. 


Our big baby, Mysti-Moo, as she is called most of the time, is still limping around on three legs after a considerable amount of time. She is in no pain but refuses to put weight on her hind leg. She's afraid of getting in and out of cars so it's a major hassle taking her to the vet. However it's time we deal with it. Can't send her to the groomer as she is. Wish us luck. 

Until next time a pretty photo to remind us of what is to come...the sooner the better!


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