Happy Monday, the last day of August!  It's been a very HOT month here in Pennsylvania. I have been mostly inside doing what I love to do (reading, crocheting and watching dvds), hanging out with my best buds, Lucy and Dolly. They, like me, are a lazy lot. Zeppy, #4 cat, loves being outside in the heat but not too far away; stays close enough so he can let me know if he starts to bake.  Dolly spends a lot of time staring out the windows trying to see our resident groundhog who comes out to eat several times a day. She barks and he or she stands up trying to see just how much of a danger she is posing. Dolly goes wild. 

I have been very lazy about posting about my trip to Maine that I took the first 2 weeks of August. My dad had a bad fall and I left to go up a week before I intended. I spent a lot of time helping my mom take care of him and I also cleaned, cooked and ran errands. It was soooo hot up there on the Island without air conditioning. They have a fan but they, being in their late 80's, are always cold even though I am dripping water in droves. I kid you not,  I had to carry a small towel around with me while in their house.!!!  I ended up leaving  to go back to PA and to air conditioning after 2 weeks because I just couldn't take it any longer. It doesn't help that I don't have cell or internet service there either. 

However, the weather was just wonderful (aside from the heat) and I took a bunch of pictures while  on the Island . I never get tired of the view from my trailer (my NEST). The early morning and late evening photos came out the best. These are my favorites.....

Morning Fog.

Fisherman heading out for a day"s haul. 

Islands dot the bay of midcoast Maine.

Low Tide at the Causeway (off to the right of picture).

Blue Heron taken near the village. 

The little village of Deer Isle is easy to miss. There are about 5 or 6 store fronts on the left and as many on the right as you drive through it. Sadly this year 3 of those are vacant and listed with realtors. The library is still there and brings back very dear memories. Many moons ago I spent a lot of time at the library hunting and checking out a stack of books every 2 weeks. Growing up on an Island can be lonely and boring. I spent a lot of time getting lost in the world of the written word. 

The library is no longer the little building that was heated by a wood stove in the winter. It has deepened and viewing it from the side you can see the add ons of the past 50 years. Across from it is a big old inn and restaurant. I knew it as the Pilgrim's Inn but now it is called the Whale's Rib.

Deer Isle Library

Just beyond the village there's a small bridge that separates  the Mill Pond from the ocean.

Sylvester's Cove is a pretty spot. Some locals live there but a lot of the houses and boats belong to people who have summered there for many years and generations. 

The small beach slopes to meet the incoming tide and Queen Ann's Lace fights for space wherever it can find a bit of dirt. 

Coming back up the Island I stopped at the Island Historical Society and took a picture of the old Sunset Village post office. It serviced a very small area that included Sylvester's Cove. Now the good folks there have to go about a mile to get their mail at the larger and newer Post office in the Deer Isle Village. Another  blip from my past. 

At the historical society I walked around the buildings and came across this old wheelbarrow and wondered whatever happened to my Grandfather's. 

In Sunset in the Summer time a popular spot is the 9 hole golf course. My dad used to steal away from the sharp eyes of my mother as often as he could to destress from being a fisherman and a restaurant owner. 

So, friends, I have given you a bit of  my present and my past life. 

Happy September and I will see you when I get back from another trip to Maine in a week or so..
The  Tanzy that grows around my NEST this year. Pretty but it stinks. 



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