I have had a rough time of it lately. A shoulder injury that just doesn't want to heal. So, Saturday I had an MRI and we shall see what can be done to get me back to "high tide" again. Being incapacitated by not having a working right arm is the pits. I feel like the sparkle  has gone out of my world. I am dependent on others for the simple things like opening and closing the car door on the passenger side. I want my blue skies back! I worked for a rehabilitation hospital for 18 years and what I saw the patients there going through kept me humble. Now, since retiring 10 years ago, I am wondering if this injury and my impatience to get well again is meant to be a lesson in patience, empathy for others and humility. It's something to think about that is for sure!

Well, I am back home in PA for about 3 weeks. It's the longest I have left my mother on the Island in ME since dad went into the hospital in December and then into the nursing home. But I have a lady checking in on her every day and bringing in meals when she needs them. Mom refuses to have anyone but me stay the night and I worry but I do have a family, a hubby and pets here. I have been using this time to have medical appts with various specialists and tests. This week is my last at home. My granddogs are here while their owners are on vacation. They are sweet and well behaved girls. Well, the one is an old lady by people years. She is almost 17 years old!! Every year I dog sit while my daughter and family vacation and every year we think it will be Shyanne's last. But, she surprises us. What a trouper she is.

So, we have 4 dogs in the house and 4 cats. The only rock in the soup is that the cats go into hiding for the week the dogs are here so it is really rough on them.  And the day the dogs leave I also leave to go back up to Maine. That's rough on my pets and hubby but it is what it is.  My mother has a doctor's appointment the next day. My life seems to be a series of appointments. Either here with me or there with her.  She is old and I am getting old. That's the problem in a nut shell. 

Anyway....My favorite Spring time highlight is here! Strawberry Season. To say we garden is a huge exaggeration but we do have patches of this and that. Every day Roger picks a bowl of berries and they are never a disappointment. Huge, sweet, juicy. Delicious! 

Roger or hubby, is stretched thin these days. He has a lot of mowing to do on our 2 acres,  not to mention other outside work. Plus he works 5 or 6 days a week with my son who has a swimming pool business. They have over 100 pools to open ASAP. 
Our weather has been very hot here for a month now and with schools getting out the customers want their pools open yesterday. Mark has a pool also but we hardly every get to use it. No time, family can't coordinate, etc. 

Oh, well, it won't be long and I will have the ocean to enjoy. 
Talk to you later....


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