Lazy hazy days of Summer

Hi there, It's been awhile since I dropped by but a lot has been going on with my health and my mother's. I have been spending more and more time away from home and on the Island with Mom. I am back in PA for 10 days and have been trying to play catch up. So, it has been 3 months since my fall and the injury to my shoulder and I am just now having therapy for it. I have about 2 weeks of it under my belt.

The Island is very beautiful this time of year.... buzzing with "summer people" at their cottages and driving up and down the road from the bridge onto the Island and down route 15 to the Lobster Capital of Maine, Stonington. 

I pretty much like to stay put and away from the rubber neckers. I haven't really used my camera much lately but will show you a few that I took rather hastily one day. The top picture is the view from our hill looking off over the roof top of our neighbor and out towards Eaton and Pickering Islands. 

We call the ledge in front of the sailboat, Slipper ledge. From a distance it looks similar to a man's slipper, if you have an imagination, lol. 

Next up is about a mile away. I drive out of our cove and down a hill we call Pine Hill, make a left onto Eggemoggin Rd, drive to the end and there is a very pretty light house on an island just off the coast there. It's privately owned now. I used my zoom lens but it was a cloudy day.

Behind the light house and off to the side you can see Brooksville, on the mainland. And behind that the Camden Hills. Camden, Maine, a very pretty place. I must go there soon to browse and snap some shots. 

And, lastly, off to the side of the little turnout where I parked the car to take the pictures of the lighthouse, is a lane with summer cottages all in a row. What lovely views they have there! If you look closely you will see that in the spirit of ingenuity someone has applied wheels to the bottom of their skiff. All the better to get it from one place to another. I wonder if they are taken off before it goes into the water?! 

So, that covers my trip up to Pumpkin Island Lighthouse. Not a long trip, less than 2 miles from my mother's. 

Speaking of Mom's....We have an old clothes line that we don't use but we do hang bird feeders from it so that we can watch the wild life in our side yard from our kitchen window. We not only have birds but raccoons and foxes, and deer. So far, the foxes and deer and most of the raccoons run away when I attempt to sneak a picture. However, we have a hug mama coon who now brings her 4 babies to eat the seeds on the ground. Before she brought them she would come alone and didn't seem to mind me standing on the deck snapping away.

Mom's house is a typical old house a stone's throw from the ocean. They've added on here and there. I am trying to add some color to it by adding some potted plants. There's a huge Roddy in the front of the house and truth be told I wish it were elsewhere. It blocks my view of the shore when I am sitting at my sewing machine. I'd much rather be looking at the ocean then at the roddy tree. 

Enjoy Your Summer!


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