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Coastal Ripples

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Portland Head Light
Portland, Maine
Maine's most popular and most photographed lighthouse in the country. It was commissioned  by George Washington.

My sister-in-law, Jean, has a wonderful hobby: Photography. She is SO good 👍 at it! Through the years She has perfected both her skill and her knowledge of cameras, lens, etc.  A little while ago I asked her if she had any pictures of lighthouses in the Portland area. She was kind enough to allow me to use some of her images.

Ram Light
Off Portland head. It has a 72 foot granite tower.

Spring Ledge Light
Easily accessible by the granite  breakwater and
visited by people from all over the World. It, like Portland Head, is a working
Light House.

Bug Light

Cape Elizabeth Twin Lights

I do have a favorite working lighthouse. It's located a little further down the coast from Portland close to the New Hampshire border. I have visited there many times through the years and photographed it in all seasons.

 Nubble Light
Cape Neddick, Maine

And, of course, we have our own lighthouse here off Little Deer Isle:

Pumpkin Island Light

It's privately owned now so not a working light.  There are other lighthouses on islands surrounding us but they are obscure to someone like myself who doesn't have a boat ⛵ to explore the Penobscot bay. 

Breakwater in Rockland, Maine

I gaze with envy during the Summer months at all the water crafts, mostly sailboats and lobster boats that use the bay. AND, I do a lot of day dreaming...of long ago.

A Memory

 When I was a child my dad was a lobster fisherman.

We would often, on the weekends, go out in his boat for rides. It was SO exciting! To an island kid there wasn't a whole lot going on. I loved going up on the bow with the spray flying over me, ever on the lookout for seals, ducks, lighthouses, and other boats. We'd stop over on an island
after dad  had pulled a few lobster pots/traps so that we could cook lobsters and crabs ("our catch") on the beach. It took awhile to find and haul the traps and do a little sight-seeing but finally we were  ready to choose an  island ("that one Dad, no that one"). What a feast! Fresh lobster, crabs and sometimes we would dig a few clams to steam. Dad loved mussels but the rest of us would would go "ewww" .
  While the adults did all the work and then dozed off us kids had the Island to ourselves. Some of our islands are quite large but I don't ever remember getting lost. It was a very relaxing and enjoyable time for the whole family-my parents, grandparents, 2 brothers and myself. I wish my parents/grandparents had had a camera and the desire to record those memories..and many others throughout the growing up years.
I definitely did not inherit my love of photography from them!:-) 

Since in Maine it's still Winter, I have one more pretty lighthouse to show you. This is West Quoddy Head in Lubec.

That's all for now.🏡


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