Tomorrow I leave the Island and head home to PA. Aside from a few niggles of worry about Mom I am looking forward to reuniting with my family and pets. It's been a long 5 weeks of Winter Nor'easters, 4 in total. I am ready for milder temps and the beginnings of Spring colors to emerge all around our house there. Our Spring emergence is always advanced by at least a month to that of the Island here in Maine. We call our 2 acres "Deer Run" because we are down in a little valley from the road and secluded by a circle of trees and overgrowth that allow for a variety of wildlife to also call it home. All the properties in the development are 2 acres or more but we have more privacy. Roger feeds the deer and they show up faithfully every day for their evening meal. The best part is when the Bambies start to arrive and show up in June  with their mothers. 
Today though I am in packing mode and doing last minute things.  It entails loading all my clothes and Winter paraphernalia into the trunk of my car and all my yarn into the backseat. Packing, loading, traveling, arriving, unloading, unpacking...what I call "the process"...I really dread it all. Well, I must get moving. As they say, time waits for no man, or, in my case, no woman.

I'm back in PA

I've been back now for a couple of days. Dug out today to go to my hairdresser and do some Easter food shopping. Daughter and family will be coming down from the  Pocono mountains on Sunday. 
I have just uploaded a bunch of pictures from my camera from the past 5 weeks on the Island. Some of the colors of the ocean and snow from the storms have turned out spell binding in my opinion. The light was just right. In others not so much. Hope you like the ones I chose from about 100 pictures. The following pictures were taken by me on a walk around our cove. The shore is a stone's throw from Mom's house. There's a private road that goes by Mom's house and I walked not far to take a few of these after the 3rd nor'easter we had in the course of 11 days. I love this next picture, the way the sunlight shatters into a million diamonds on the bay!

One of "our" deer at Mom's.
Mom's house.

I drove up to Eggemoggin, about a mile from Mom's to take some winter pictures of the Pumpkin Island Light house and houses around the cove looking out towards the lighthouse.

 Back to Mom's....

Windmills on Vinalhaven Island. We can see them from our front windows after dark. I tried to get them and Eagle Island Light blinking at the same time but no luck. I had to use a zoom to get them this close.  

Eagle Island Lighthouse off from our shore. I used the zoom lenses.

American Goldfinches.

"Neither rain not snow...."
On the way home it was overcast and the further south I went the less snow. I stopped at my brother's in Cape Neddick, Me and after a visit dropped by the beach at Oqunquit and then to Perkin's Cove to snap a few shots of the (Palm Sunday) beach and fierce ocean. The wind was so cold and so strong that I wondered if the pictures would all end up blurry! I filled my lungs with the salty air and then rushed back to my car to thaw out and head onto route one and then 95 then 495 then onto 90 and last but not least, route 84. From there I had to go from Milford, PA down thru the mountains and picked up 80 to 33 where I finally reached Hellertown. It took me about 6 hours of constant driving. I had pumped gas in Oqunquit, Me. Our house is about 5 minutes from Hellertown. The dogs jumped and squealed with joy at seeing their mama after 5 weeks of being absent. They should be used to it after 2 years but I do worry that they will think me never coming back to them when I am away. Roger has been waiting on me hand and foot but I intend to reciprocate now that I am rested. So, I intend to enjoy my 5 weeks at home. I would imagine that by the time I go back to the Island they will be no snow and a few trees, etc, leafing out...? 
(I have no idea why some of my text is underlined and not others!!) 
These next pictures are a few I snapped at Oqunquit Beach and at Perkin's Cove which is in Oqunquit also. In about a month's time these areas will be bustling with people and shops will be open, motels and hotels thriving. 

Perkin's Cove

This is the little cove where the lobstermen moor their boats away from the open ocean. It is a secluded inlet with a drawbridge. 

Oqunquit Beach



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