Hello dear ones! I hope this bloggy post finds you enjoying your Summer! As for me I am just fine. There are bits of sadness that still tug at my heart with the losses and changes in my life but I am forging ahead, turning a page.

Right now I am concentrating on hubby, pets, and floating. When I was a kid my dad usually had a skiff tied up at a float, pier, mooring or hauled up on the shore. I was allowed to row if I stayed within sight of an adult. I would go out a ways off shore, lean on the oars and just float, looking down into the depths, mesmerized by the movement of the waves and the gentle rocking of the boat on them. So peaceful. Not thinking of anything.

The dogs and I take rather hurried strolls due to the extreme heat.  Poor Dolly can't see so she sniffs her way and I am quick to ward off any collisions. Zeppe stretches out on a patio mat but heads inside with us to coolness and there are treats for all.

I have done a bit of this and that, odds and ends of old projects.

 Butterfly bushes attract oodles of butterflies. And wild raspberries here and there are abundant. Roger brings them in by the handful, tracks me down, knowing they'll bring a huge smile to my face. My favourite.💖

The lilies are blooming amongst the weeds and overgrown boxwoods at the front of the house.

Zeppe is our special needs cat. He was hit by a car when he was a kitten. The vet patched him up. He has one working eye, one working ear, and a twisted mouth. He is very loveable and loves to cuddle.

There's not much going on here right now.  I'm just floating. Not watching the news. Not thinking about much of anything important. I have been listening to the Audible book, WHERE THE CRAWDADS SING by Delia Owens as I hook on Lynsey's blanket. Love, love, love it.  I highly recommend it. It's right up there with TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD, another favorite.

We have lots of Jerusalem Artichokes flowers and the butterflies love them. I recently learned that they are edible.

What's happening in Maine

I talk to Mom every night after her programs are over. She is doing okay with her caregiver. My younger brother is also visiting from California. He will be there until September. Recently they enjoyed a delicious lobster feed! It reminded me of when Dad used to order lobsters for a feed when we visited them. Once he surprised Roger with a huge lobster!!


Have a great week!
Much love, 


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