Happy Sunday! Today, this day, that the Lord has made,  I choose to forget the chaos our world is in and concentrate on MY ordinary world and what I'm thankful for. Weather wise it is not a good day. It rained last night and it's overcast but rain is good! So, let's get beyond all that and reach into our minds, or our computers, for something pretty. There's so much for us to be thankful for! When I was growing up we always ate as a family what we called " supper ".  As children we were taught to say a "blessing":      Thank you for the world so sweet, thank you for food we eat,  thank        you for the birds that sing,  Thank you God for everything. Amen Sadly, nowadays there's a lot less of a family eating at the dinner table together let alone thanking God for what's on it.     I think that when we have a thankful and grateful heart it's easier to cope with what life throws at us. Being thankful can change o


Hi there! It's overcast today and we are supposed to have wind and thunderstorms later. Not wanting this beauty that surrounds me to be diminished by the storm I took the camera and walked around the property clicking at random to preserve the glory of Spring. In my last blog post I tried to capture the beginnings of Spring (Chapter 1) that we thought would never get here! I like to think this is Chapter 2. There's more to come before we sink into the colors of Summer, annuals and perennials. By that time the awakening of Spring will be long gone, replaced by beautiful shades of green.   I think that most of you will recognize Japanese Cherry and Maples, Pink and Yellow Dogwoods, strawberry plants, Quince, Snowballs, Crepe Myrtle, tulips, violets that are covering the lawn right now and Johnny Jump-ups.  I'll let the photos do the talking... This photo is out of focus due mainly to a breeze that picked up on the back side of th


HOME SWEET HOME I have been back in Pennsylvania for a few weeks now. We have gone through a metamorphosis since my arrival; bleak to beautiful! Well, maybe not yet but we are getting there. I brought snow with me from Maine but it didn't last long and then about a week or so ago, Spring finally arrived and so far this is the result... I came home from Mom's very tired and not feeling very well. It was a long hard Winter there on the Island in Maine. I was glad that at 91 Mom was not on her own.  And we were very blessed to have a whole-house generator so that despite 4 Nor'easter snowstorms we were always warm, safe, and emergency free. Mom seems to be doing quite well health wise right now, finally! She misses Dad, is lonely at times, feels like she doesn't have a reason to get up in the morning and is her usual anxious self, worrying about everything, but that is just Mom.  So, I decided to come home for 6 weeks to go to my doctors,