Hi there! It's overcast today and we are supposed to have wind and thunderstorms later. Not wanting this beauty that surrounds me to be diminished by the storm I took the camera and walked around the property clicking at random to preserve the glory of Spring. In my last blog post I tried to capture the beginnings of Spring (Chapter 1) that we thought would never get here! I like to think this is Chapter 2. There's more to come before we sink into the colors of Summer, annuals and perennials. By that time the awakening of Spring will be long gone, replaced by beautiful shades of green. 

 I think that most of you will recognize Japanese Cherry and Maples, Pink and Yellow Dogwoods, strawberry plants, Quince, Snowballs, Crepe Myrtle, tulips, violets that are covering the lawn right now and Johnny Jump-ups.  I'll let the photos do the talking...

This photo is out of focus due mainly to a breeze that picked up on the back side of the house. In fact, I can blame the breeze for much of the pictures I took that don't look quite sharp enough to suit me. I think I either need a steadier hand or my camera is telling me it's time to replace it. The problem with that is that I can't afford the one I want!!

The side of the property that we call the Old Garden. A fenced in garden long past it's prime that has a grape vine that  climbs along the top of the fence. There are apple trees and pear trees and berry bushes. The bushes are flowering but not anything else at this point.  There is so much to keep up here! I have been trying to convince Roger that we can no long keep ahead of what needs to be done. We should just sell up and let someone else, someone younger, take over. So far my pleas are falling on deaf ears! Help! I love it too. I just know when to let go. The sky is darkening, that storm's not far away!

Beautiful Tessie. She loves to follow me around. 

Spring seems to affect us in a powerful way; our moods, our soul and how we approach  each new day.  It gives us a new purpose to our days and brings us full circle to a  sense of  renewal in our daily lives. Spring makes me happy!

It's been a rough Winter, time for a new flag.

My favorite tree that we have on our property. 

Notice the trees on each side of it, they are growing on a slant due to not getting enough sunlight. 



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