Thursday, April 3, 2014


Wow, was there ever a sight so beautiful 
when only a month ago we were looking at this?

What a difference a month can make. We missed the last 2 east coast storms, had some very mild weather, lots of rain, some sunshine here and there, and voila! The robin's arrived, the juncos are migrating, the grass is greening, the flowers are blooming and the groundhog is awake,  looking for something to eat.

As I write this the Cardinals are waking up with their morning's not so melodious warm up. The Robin is singing backup and doing a much better job.  I can hear a phoebe bird repeating it's name over and over.


Today is turning out to be so warm and lovely.  I am stuck in the house because I have lots to do to get ready for a grandson's birthday. We are not eating here though just having cake and gifts here. The whole gang will be meeting at Golden Corral. I hope I spelled that right. As many times as I've been there I should be able to spell it! Logan will be 10 years old. He's getting so tall and his looks are changing. I have to look at him twice! His dad is really tall but his mom, my daughter is a shrimp, lol. She and I are only 5'4.

Logan's dad is 6'4.
He's our computer geek. Almost always got a computer at hand...working or playing games. 

Logan loves to read. And play computer games. He has a laptop, a tablet, and a DS. His mom has to set limitations. But at Grammy's, well, I welcome the quiet COMPARED to when he and his brother are talking, yelling, screaming, laughing, running,  climbing, wrestling, crying...well, you get the picture. It can get insane. Hopefully, tomorrow will be nice and they can ride their bikes and climb trees.

Logan getting what he wants for Christmas but his face just isn't showing it!


I have a really hard time to get Logan to smile for the camera these days plus he refuses to have his picture taken.  I don't see him often anymore so don't have many up to date pictures. I really hope he is in a picture posing mood tomorrow so I can record a happy, happy, HAPPY 10 year old Logan! 

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