Hello dear friends! For the past several days there’s been a change in temperature and I couldn’t be happier. The windows and doors are open and the air con is off. Yay I say! So, how have you all been? If you are a sun worshiper then you are probably not as happy about the change over from Summer to Autumn or Fall, however you might say it. Being a Mainiac (as in Maine) this time of year brings on a strong desire to visit the beach to surf watch. Especially when a hurricane is approaching. My oh my! I do wish I were in the York, Oqunquit, and Wells, Maine area!  The reality is that I am at home in land locked Pennsylvania. The mountains are about to come alive with beautiful colors. Foliage peeping runs a close second to surf watching. 


There’s a lot on our plate right now. Roger is still doing his part time summer job plus we have a project about to start of having a whole house generator installed. You might not think that is a big deal but it is for us. We don’t have a gas line to our house. We will need to have a ditch dug from our house,which sits in a valley, up to the road that winds through our development. The gas line will be installed as well as underground electrical lines. The 500 pound generator has already been delivered and is sitting in our driveway. A pad has to be put in place for it. The electrical box in the basement has to be moved to the outside of the house, etc, etc, etc.  I have left the whole thing to Roger who, I might add, has been hyperventilating over the huge cost of it all. 

As for me, I intend to stay clear when it does start. I will take Lucy, our very yappy dog and Buddy away for the day, destination unknown at this point. 

But today is a new day and I am happy within myself! I finally finished my daughter’s sweater! Sweater number two, no, three. Same sweater project. The first one was almost completed and I upset my tea all over it and myself. Strangely enough I was not super devastated. I immediately washed it but the stains were permanent. So after a few days I cast on another one. A day into it and I spilled Diet Pepsi on it. Not a lot. I decided that the stain might be construed as being part of the tonal affect going on in the buttercream coloring of the yarn so I forged ahead. Sleeping on this decision I thought better of it and I frogged it and started over once again. 

My daughter, Judi, visited for measurements during the 1st sweater so I was not worried about it not fitting her. Last week she was here again, she lives an hour away. She tried the almost finished sweater on and can you guess what? No, it was not too small. But the sleeves were bracelet length. And the body was a little shorter than she likes her sweaters to be. I felt at this point that this truly was the project from hell. Judi, being, the sweet person that she is said that was okay, she thought she liked them better that length. 
Anyway, I have to wash and block it so I will stretch the sleeves and length of body then.

What am I reading you might ask…I am never without a book so I have read quite a few since I last wrote. I have just finished a series by an Italian author, MAURIZIO DE GIOVANNI, that’s a mouthful, lol. PBS had a series based on these books called Inspector?or …Commissario Ricciardi a few years ago so I thought it would be easy peasy to get the dvds through PBS shopping. It was a bit frustrating because I could only get one season of this on my iPad. I wanted very much to buy the dvds but could not find them anywhere. What happened between the inspector and his love from afar ?? which happened in the second season. So, I bought the books from Amazon thinking I would send them all, after reading them, to my sister in law who is in a nursing home in California. 8 books in all. I know you might find that very foolish behavior but I was determined to get to the bottom of the affair. You probably, by this time have lost all interest in the books and I don’t blame you. The books are translated from Italian to English and a bit long winded in places but I do recognize why the author is popular in Italy. In the end, it was a bit bitter sweet and I thought the author stopped when he should have continued.🥴

Today I visit MIDATLANTIC RETINA CENTER to have my eye injection. I have these monthly to keep my macular degeneration in check. The upside of the injections is we stop at my favorite restaurant where I will have a delicious meal, my favorite is the grilled salmon on the seniors menu. One of the few perks of getting older is the little things that bring happiness. What’s bringing you happiness today?

Roger’s been busy after the freaky tornado that went through our development last month. We got hit the hardest because we have the most trees. (This wood is from an earlier hurricane a few years ago.)We lost several of our huge pines when the tornado split them or uprooted them. It was very scary and trees, limbs branches and debris were everywhere. We were without power for several days. Humongous limbs came down making roads inaccessible and chaos reigned.  It was a mess here. But the neighbors all pulled together and there’s just a bit left here to do…Roger says he has about 10 more trailer loads to take to the compost center.😵‍💫

Take care, 
Wishing you happy moments 


  1. I am glad the tornado damage wasn’t more serious than it was. Nature is in turmoil it appears. We mortals adapt as best we can.

    Richard Wagner has it right about joy for sure!

  2. the weather has been quite unpredictable, hasn't it?!?! this is a good time to get a home generator!! 3 baby deer is quite rare and so nice to see, you got a great picture!!

  3. A whole house generator is a great thing to have! We had triplets this year too! So cute!

  4. Yes, I too am so happy that fall weather has arrived because sleeping weather is perfect now with the windows open. Hopefully, the home generator project will go well and keeping away from construction is a good plan. Hope the eye injection goes well and the "reward" of that salmon dinner sounds perfect.

  5. Pleased that your monthly eye injections are keeping the macular degeneration in check. I think the grilled salmon would have been my choice too!

    My good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  6. You are very smart putting in a whole house generator, I hope you do something fun on the day when it is installed.
    I do wish you would show a photo of the sweater you finished for your daughter.
    I love salmon, anyway its cooked its yummy.
    I am not a fan of cold fall is okay but summer is my season, we live in Minnesota where it gets very very cold and snowy.



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