Hi there dear friends! It's May, almost June, and we are just so green and pretty here. So different from when I was in Maine a week or so ago. Not much green there then.  Maybe now though. We have had lots of rain lately. Warm temps, then humid temps, then cool temps. Despite all this everything is thriving here at Deer Run. Speaking of Deer, we have a doe and her baby, just born by the looks, no spots yet. I have been trying to capture them on camera but our big dog barks, even when left in the house and they go running. One of these days I will have the element of surprise on my side with the dog closed in the house with the blinds drawn so she can't see what I am up to. In the meantime, look what is so refreshingly lovely to look at around here....

My peonies are just getting ready to open. I so love this color and must try and find some yarn to match for a future hooky project. The white flowers are from a tree in back of our garage

and I have no idea what it is called. If anyone knows please leave me a comment at the bottom of this blog to enlighten me. They are quite pretty.
In a previous post blogged in early Spring I was bellyaching about invasive blue flowers that were sprouting up all over the property. It is very frustrating so I asked Roger to mow them down, pull them up, burn them! I love flowers but absolutely hate those that take over in a very invasive way.
My- "love the planet and everything in it has a place and a reason for being here"- hubby could not bring himself to kill a spider, let alone mow down flowers, even though they are crowding out other more desirable plants. So, we have them growing everywhere this year. They don't look too bad in the spot where they were planted originally.

If only they would have stayed there!

Some years ago we had a huge water fountain beyond our back patio but it was a lot of work to keep it functioning properly so we gave it away. Butterfly bushes have grown up on the spot as well as a few left over mini irises.
Taken after the rain had soaked everything in sight.
I love to take pictures of butterflies. I can never seem to capture their full beauty but that doesn't stop me from trying.

We have several different color bushes at the back of our house, here and there, and they attract soooo many different species of butterflies. So far they are just starting to bloom but believe me when I say they are having visitors already.
I have not been very crafty lately. I have been ill more days than not and spend a lot of time reading. However, I did complete a table topper to use in the family room for the Summer months. It was very easy to do and didn't take hardly any time at all. I have made them in the past but they went out the door faster than I could make them!

The next time I post I hope to have a hooky Ta-DA to show you. Before I leave you I have to show you a picture of Lucy that I took yesterday after I gave her a new toy after a trip to the pet supply store.
She had a great time tossing, chewing and carrying it around until she wore herself out. 

Hope you have enjoyed my eye candy! 
 I wish you some pretty things to gaze upon and peace in your heart today.


  1. I did enjoy your eye candy...Lucy is adorable, too. There is flowers at the top of this post that you don't know what they are...I think they are Kousa Dogwood. It is not the dogwood as we know it, but I just recently learned what they are from another blogger. Google it and click images and then scroll down looking at flowers.


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