It's been awhile...
hope you are enjoying Fall.
I am a bit behind on decorating. The grandsons are spending a few days with us.

Lots of energy and noise and chaos. I tend to take it in stride, Roger not so much. I think that he is glad to be working all day with Mark (my son, his stepson). They are very busy winterizing swimming pools for Mark's many customers.


Bridge from Mainland onto Little Deer Isle. What gorgeous picture taking weather!

I did get back up to Maine finally. Our dog's surgery put my trip on hold for a month which means I didn't spend the 3 weeks I was hoping to but, hey, I'll take what I can get. I did enjoy wonderful weather, took lots of pictures and was able to fit in several happy lunches with various old friends.
The Little Deer Isle Welcome Center!
"My Island"

Many moons ago my dad was very ill and while he was recovering he began to scheme and dream of what he would do when he got back onto his feet. A seafood restaurant, very rustic, on my grandparents land that was just up our hill and down the other side. So this is what it became, nestled in the cove. My grandparent's house is above what became Eaton's Lobster Pool Restaurant and became their total world during the Summer months for about 50 years!! They retired at the age of 75, due to my mother's health issues, and it was sold. The new (much younger) owners ran it for 3 years, decided it was too much work and it is now up for sale again. Sadly, it's starting to look a little run down. Purchase price: over a million dollars! The sunsets there are spectacular!
Property includes restaurant, house, terrace and pier plus several acres of land if you are looking to buy, lol.


This is the real deal, just the way it looked after the sun slid behind the Camden Hills in the background. I was standing on my grandparents back lawn. I had forgotten how beautiful the sunsets are on that spot by the restaurant.
The time went fast. I stopped to visit younger brother on the way back to PA in their new digs. A lovely cottage in a very pleasant retirement community in Kennebunk, Maine, only 20 miles from my older brother, Thomas.
I would SOOOO like to move to that area myself! Near the ocean, family and lovely atmospheric little seaside towns. Just need for Roger to retire for good! Every year he works more not less. This year he has been to the Lake only once. Unusual for him. He loves being on the Lake. This is one of my favorite pictures of him taken last year. He looks TOTALLY relaxed and contented, doesn't he?

I will just leave you with a few more pictures taken while I was on the Island.
Do you see the Osprey Nest on the ledge? The only overcast day I had there.

Looking from the Ferry Landing beach across the way to the Mainland. "Ferry Landing" as in 'before bridge was made". I have been home less than a week but I can imagine the trees are a lot more colorful even now. Days were mild but nights were chilly, in the 40's.
I would love to have this little summer cottage. It overlooks the cove where the restaurant is.

A very interesting boulder "down the shore" from my parent's house.

Man, do I love sitting on a rock, gazing out to sea, and watching as the sun bounces off the little waves. So relaxing.
I guess, folks, that that is all she wrote for this post. It's hard to choose what pictures to feature in my blog posts because I take hundreds.... trying to capture the essence of my little Island. My instant recall button to my memory doesn't work as well as it used to and I need pictures to jump-start it, do you have that problem??...
Have a great month and be kind to someone today. Hugs.  


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