Random photos from my albums.

A Day after returning home from the Island and after my being excused from grand jury duty, I had a very painful accident on the patio off from our kitchen.  It was dusk and I was coming back from the clothes line when I tripped over the iron rod that holds the bricks in place. Through the years the ground has settled and now the rod protrudes above the bricks instead of even with them. I  was walking briskly one moment and the next thing I knew I was in horrible pain lying in a heap on the bricks. I cried out to my husband after the shock wore off and he came running. Getting me up off the bricks proved to be a problem since I am no skinny minny. My right arm felt broken at the elbow, I landed on my right side so my neck, shoulder, and leg were badly bruised. I tried to break my fall with my arm so I wouldn't hit my head. 
Five days later my elbow and shoulder still hurt like crazy and I am wondering if I will be able to drive back up to Maine from Pennsylvania on Sunday, three days from now. 

So, since I can't get out and about with my camera I browsed through my many albums and came up with a few to share. Mom turned 89 years old yesterday and Dad had a fall a few days after his 89th birthday in December and now lives in a nursing home on the Island. My job at this point in time is to stay with mom to keep her out of trouble since her eye sight has deteriorated due to macular degeneration, and to visit with dad at the nursing home to keep his spirits up and make sure his needs are met. 

Tulips and more tulips. Competition among neighbors.

I keep trying to get a clear picture of this red-bellied woodpecker  that comes to our feeders occasionally.

Hubby loves to spend time outside. 

Huge tree behind the garage.

Peony in the rain.

Hubby eating Lobster on the Island at my parent's house.

Dad went into the nursing home in January of this year. 

Mom misses him with her after 69 years of marriage.

I made this for my daughter several years ago.

Hubby's orchids.

Still trying to get a clear photo.

They love our butterfly bushes.

Hubby has plants in our walkway from house to garage.

My brother's cat. He does have two eyes!

I have had many dogs through the, years, down to two now. 

Taken by my sister-in-law, Jean. Osprey making his nest. 

I used to quilt now I crochet.

We have lots of cats. This is Sami-girl.

Grandson who is now 12.

His brother.

I don't garden anymore but like to photo other peoples delicious expertise.

One of Mom's Rugosa roses.

Some of Mom's Lupines in Maine.

One of my favorite photos...I love the colors yellow and green! 

Happy Spring!


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