A Brant goose

Mr and Mrs

On my way back to Bethlehem (Pennsylvania) from the Island (Maine) the other day I stopped in Wells, Maine for something to eat and a break. I went down on the waterfront, parked in the lot overlooking the beach from a higher elevation. I was admiring the wave action when I spied what looked like a goose way down by the edge of the water. Now, I have always thought that geese were not salt water birds. I used my telephoto lens and although the day was rainy and overcast and foggy I managed to get a few decent shots so I could look in my bird guide book after I returned home. Evidently these were sea geese or Brants.  
Low Tide at Wells Beach


Before getting to Wells, though, I decided to stop in Searsport to do some photographing of the old sea captain houses along Route one. I drive through Searsport everytime I return from Maine but don't take the time out of an almost 12 hour trip to stop. When I return in May the tourist traffic will have begun and there will be bumper to bumper crawling along cars to contend with. So, it seemed like I should stop even though the day was raining and foggy and overcast. 

 I love this seaside village! There is so much history here. Roger and I have often talked about selling our house in Bethlehem and relocating to this area. Life has gotten in the way and now that doesn't seem possible.

Some of the older houses have been restored and updated while others have kept their charm and made into Inns. 


The  Inn, side view

Scrollwork on the Inn

A private home. 

Another  Inn

A private home.

Looking towards Belfast, Me

Two houses, one property. Pretty green.

The owner of this boat must be approaching retirement.

 Beautiful stained glass windows on all sides of this old congregational church. So beautiful but I couldn't get sharp images of them so I let it go for another day. 

Several Marine Museums in the area. 

 United Methodist church on one side of Route one and the Penobscot Marine museum on the other. 
Searsport Public Library

I arrived home late due to my ramblings on the way but I really enjoyed looking at my photos as I uploaded them from my camera! 

Hope you have enjoyed them also. 


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