I had every intention of posting before now! I am still on the Island and won't be leaving for my home in Bethlehem, PA until the end of January.. maybe. We've had lots of wind, a little snow and frigid temperatures. I chose the coldest day, 14 degrees F, to do a pharmacy run. My car was in the garage and the door would NOT go up. I wondered if it was frozen so I stupidly tried the other door to see if they were, and, it went up BUT wouldn't go down. So, I had the door I needed stuck down and the door I didn't need stuck up! The wind was howling through our huge 3 bay garage, I was freezing and I didn't know what to do. That's the problem living on an Island, no services such as garage door repairs within 65 miles. I went into the house to warm up and put my thinking cap (more like dunce cap, lol) on. I eventually called my cousin, Tony, who has a plumbing business. He was off island but came to help eventually. He had no trouble putting the stuck up door down but couldn't get the one I needed working properly. I did get my car out though and it will have to stay out until the door is fixed. Phew, what a day. The next day I went off Island to Ellsworth to shop and I had an adventurous day there also but I won't go into it, it would take forever to explain.
I think I have all the errands done until after Christmas so I can spent the next few days on getting some baking done and gifts wrapped. I find that Mom, age 92, has perked up considerably lately. She's enjoying the comings and goings, the baking, the making out of Christmas cards, the gift 🎁 wrapping, the decorating - all done by yours truly I might add- and keeps a close eye out for the mail lady and UPS. I am hoping to spend the next few days doing my best to get into the REAL Spirit of Christmas.

Roger is at home doing his thing...with the family and the pets...

And decorating...and helping out at our church.

Besides all things Christmassy I have been doing a LOT of reading, taking advantage of Amazon's Kindle Unlimited to read my favorite authors and all things British... murder mysteries, free!  My favorite way to relax. Roger calls every evening and will ask what I'm doing and I usually say "reading" and he usually says, "oh, what are you reading?" And I always say, " murder". And then we both laugh. Silly, huh? 



And a bit of shopping. This is called the Christmas Village. It plays Christmas songs while skaters skate and the Christmas tree rotates and the houses light up in red, blue and green colors flashing to the beat of the music. Of course, if you don't want all that you have the option to just look at the village without the music.  It is very classy, excellent music quality, and I am glad that I splurged and bought it. Guess where? Home Depot! Who would have thought it came from a super hardware store, lol. I love it!

I have also done a bit of crocheting. I actually did 3 different mandalas, but, while I like the other two, I used cotton yarn that changes colors so I  have no control over when a color ended and a new one started. They are a bit wonky colorwise and will probably end up under plant pots.😏



Despite our dreary days we did have a couple with sunshine  and beautiful sunsets. 🌞

My favorite deer, sun setting reflecting off the ocean and trees. He is part albino. I am so relieved 😌 he survived hunting season!


I must show you a couple of Vintage illustrations that I saw on the internet.  I 💘 illustrations of cozy scenes, snowy scenery, and anything with a Christmas theme.  They awaken my imagination and  open the door to wonderful daydreams. 

I had this one in my archives...

Merry Christmas!


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