Hello dear ones! I hope you are well. I thought it time for a little update however mundane it might be. The good news is that my favorite month of the whole year has finally shown it's face in our little valley.   Here in Pennsylvania we are finally able to open our windows and doors to sunshine and pleasant days. No more heat and humidity. Goodby Rose of Sharon beauty, hello Burning Bush. I have been two weeks putting this post together so forgive me if it is a bit disjointed. I haven’t taken many photos either. But, here goes…


I am SO happy to be able to get outside once again. I am trying to get back into walking. I do miss the years of walking dogs. We are now down to one dog and she has severe arthritis in her hips. She sits at the bottom of our drive waiting  for me to return from my walk. I lavish way too much attention on her and consequently she  very definitely has ME trained! We have always had at least 2 rescue dogs and several adopted cats. Sadly, Roger and I are getting to old now to keep up with a house full of pets.

Nika, taken when she first arrived.

Speaking of pets…Nika,  the rag doll cat in need of a home desperately, has taken up residence with us and seems to be adjusting well. My son said his father in law neglected her due to him living alone and the progression of his dementia. We could tell that she needed TLC.Her coat is very matted, she is so skinny but we love her dearly and Roger has been working on dematting her. She follows us everywhere. She’s an  inside cat so we are constantly looking to see where she is before opening a door. For being 16 years old she can move very fast when she wants to. Zeppe was afraid of her but she loved him from get go so he has become less nervous. She has never been around other pets since she was a kitten but has no fear. She loves Lucybelle also, gives her kisses. When she sees them she heads for them and greets them, tail in the air. Such a love. She has certainly worked her magic on us and now we can’t imagine our family without her. 

My daughter, Judi, and her husband Erick are spending a week or so in Maine at the Homestead. It’s been a hard year for them…loss of Erick’s job due to the pandemic…Judi’s health issues due to a debilitating disease…and the latest woe, Erick coming down with COVID. So, I was happy to receive this happy photo of them enjoying their time on the Island. 

Zhappenings (Zarzycki+happenings)

Since we last visited I have read many books. (That seems all I’m good for these days. I keep waiting for my energy to return. I start PT on my back on Monday.)  I love reading series. I have been fixated on ROY LEWIS lately and also books by SHARI LAPENA. Very good reads. I have a subscription to KINDLE UNLIMITED on Amazon. I love it! And I continue to view half a dozen weekly vlogs on YouTube, mainly French Chateau life vlogs, and many crocheting and knitting vlogs. I had my eye injection yesterday and my follow up visit after blood work to my GP this afternoon. He recommended seeing my Orthopedic doctor for a knee injection. We completed a 1000 pc jigsaw puzzle and have started another. Our sofa has been picked up and will return to us in a few weeks looking brand new. The new upholstery fabric is called SEA BREEZE. Roger and I have eaten out lots, gone to Bible study on Wednesday mornings for retirees and Sunday church and out with friends for lunch afterwards. Daughter Judi and family visited and Son Mark stopped by. I can’t complain, my life is good and I am blessed abundantly.❤️

 I’m so happy to have the probate business of the HOMESTEAD behind me now. A piece of land has been sold and much needed repairs have been made to the Homestead. I have decided not to return to Maine until SPRING. Judi and Erick will see to the closing of the house for the Winter. Phew! So, that’s the end of an era. Mom and Dad are both in heaven but life goes on here on Earth. I will always be thankful for those last years I spent with Mom. 

Here at home-lots of work to be done. The grandsons worked over what used to be my strawberry patch and it’s looking good. There were only two strawberry plants found amongst the weeds. I had Roger cut down several Holly trees by the back patio. My aim is to find the house again! So much over growth of everything including ivy vines on the house. Roger is 75 years old and is slowing down. I wish he would hire help with the outside work but he refuses. I also hope that he will finally retire from working with my son. We shall see. 🙃

So, folks, I guess I have rambled enough. Until next time…

Take good care of yourselves, 

Thanks for stopping by!

Susan and Roger, 

Lucy, Zeppe and Nika





  1. That is a very nice photograph of Judi, and her husband Erick.
    I like the mosaic too.

    October is a lovely month, one of my favourites.

    Enjoy your weekend and the rest of the month.

    All the best Jan

  2. Good to hear that life is moving along for you. I am finding myself slowing down as well and that can at times be frustrating.

  3. Getting old isn't easy and I think we feel young in our heads and hearts but our ageing bodies let us down. Nika looks lovely and has made herself right at home with you. Lovely photo of your daughter and her husband, I wish them well. Take care.

  4. Delighted you took in Nika and that she has adapted so well. So many don't want to bother with an older pet. Looks like the paring has worked out for both of you. Hope Eric has no serious problems with the Covid and is healing nicely.

  5. Sounds like you are keeping busy with things you enjoy! I hope your son in law has a full recovery from Covid. The Homestead sounds like a great name for your parents home as you spent so much time there:)

  6. So good to see a post from you...I started it the other day but my mind was so distracted, I thought I would wait till I had a few uninterrupted moments. I am glad Nika has found a place in your hearts and homes...some cats and dogs are just like that. One cannot resist loving them. I am sorry your son-in-law lost his job...and hope he makes a complete recovery from Covid. Our two girls and son-in-law got it. The older daughter and son-in-law were just barely slowed down by it. Oh, they had headaches, etc....but nothing compared to our other daughter. She was home for a week, before she passed out and hubby called ambulance and they took her on to the hospital, and she was there a week, before they took her off oxygen...and she came home. I have not said much about it on my blog, but it was really hard on her. And though Lorelei had I forget how many tests for it, they all came back negative, but when tested for antibodies she tested positive for that.

    I just hope when and if your Roger decides to hire help, I hope he can find good help. Around here, cannot even find someone to do a decent job of the yard.

  7. A lovely newsy post from you, it sounds like life is busy and full right now. How lovely that Nika has settled in so well with you, it sounds like she's enjoying the company of your busy home, people and pets alike. I'm sorry it's been such a tough time for Judi and Erick, I hope Erick's recovered well from his bout of covid by now, and wishing them well for the future.

  8. Dear Susan, what a delightful posting. I feel I've journeyed with you and both your human and animal family. Nika is lovely and I'm so glad you've found one another. My real hope is that she will live--given your love and attention to her--several more years. I've lived with cats since 1972, when Dulcy and I met. When she died, 17 1/2 years later, she gave me a book that reflects how she trained me just as the older dog with whom you live is now training you. Since 1972, I've lived and been loved by and loved several cats. Right now, I live with Ellie (a brindle), Maggie (a calico), and Matthew (whose gray fur is striped with black). Like you, I feel so grateful for my life--for the humans in it and the animal companions. Life is, and has been good. Peace.


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