Hello dear ones! It's Thursday. 45 degrees. Sunny. Life is good for me at the moment. I hope that those of you visiting me can say the same. 

 My biggest challenge is finding a cleaning lady OR updating my camera. I can't have both. Despite the fact I am on the cusp of being an old lady I find I am reliving my past in some aspects of my life. Back in the day it was all about choices…do I go to the movies or buy a movie star magazine. Moving on to- Can I afford to buy myself that lovely blouse when a daughter would love those jeans she's wants desperately. Then: How can we possibly afford a new car until both kids are through college. And, Let's buy the grands new computers, we can go on vacation anytime. Choices, always choices. And the older I get the more I want to buy the best. After all, I think, the purchase of this particular item could be my last. Case in point, I sent my old but comfortable sofa to be re-upholstered. (Why does that word not look right?) I didn't even ask the price. I just chose the fabric (which was one of the most expensive) and gagged at the final amount but made out the check for the deposit. My hubby spluttered and had heart palpitations, poor guy. He obviously doesn't share my outlook on dealing with end of life purchases.🙃 Moving right along. 

I have been crocheting a lot lately and I meditate on this that and the other. Questions pop into my head. For instance, can you remember something from your youth that was said by a parent that you value today? Something maybe you never forgot and ended up bringing it forward into your own life? Or a saying that stayed with you. I pondered on these questions and before I knew it I was almost done with the shawl I was working on. I came up with a couple. My dad had a terrific sense of humor. He would read Reader's Digest jokes and be laughing so hard that even though he was reading it to us we couldn't understand a word he was saying. If a situation got sticky he would try to introduce some levity into it. Most of the time he was jolly but not the kind of jolly that got on your nerves, if you know what I mean.

My mother was known for her one-liner's. Such as..."If you don't do what I say NOW, you won't be ABLE to do it later." I admit to using that ridiculous threat on my son when he was working on my last nerve as a youngster. 
But, I have to say the one  "pearl" that I remember from my mother was " her dress was so thin you could shoot peas through it." 

Time is flying but we are not. Roger has completed the lighthouse puzzle and has started another. 

I haven't accomplished much...I've been to busy meditating I guess. The grand boys were here for a day helping with yard work and we enjoyed ordering pizza in. We ate out but our friends couldn't make it. I worry about them. They both have cancer. Can you imagine?? They have treatments off and on. Usually they act as if all is well with themselves but I know it must be rough to deal with despite their faith that keeps them strong. 

We have several bucks wandering around our property looking for does.

I am adding new features to our yard.

Rascal, our feral cat, enjoying his heated cat house.

Can you believe that Roger decided to leave the Christmas tree up from last year to use as a night light?

And, lastly, I continue reading and listening.

Take good care of yourselves,




  1. My husband and I now say if there's something we need or want and we can afford it then have it. We also say we can't take money with us when we die and if we don't spend it the children surely will. Your parents sound like lovely people and nice that your Dad was so jolly. Sorry to read both your friends have cancer. You may know I had seven months of cancer treatment last year and am still here to tell the tale so don't be too disheartened, there is always hope for a good recovery. I had to smile that you still have your Christmas tree up but that will save you a job in December :). Take care.

  2. Such a great newsy post.

    I am to the point where I buy anything I want, within reason but nothing for the shelf. The house is done. We bought ebikes this past year and repair any items but I haven’t bought anything for the house in ages. Enjoy your money for things you enjoy!

  3. I can remember those either/or days. Now, I pretty much go for it if I really want it. Love your Christmas tree still up. Nothing makes a house so blah for days is when one is taken down.
    Loved Billy Summers, not the start but quickly it grew on me and I really became fond of the hit man.

  4. Isn't it ironic that as retirees we have less income, but more disposable income. We're no longer spending money on the kids (diapers, sports equipment, college tuition) but now get to spend it on ourselves. Hopefully, those of us who do have disposable income (because not all of us do) dispose of some of it to charity and other worthy causes.

  5. Life seems to be an endless line of choices. I like the Christmas tree. Mine comes down right after Christmas, but I will be putting it up again in a week or two.

  6. Life is short, if something is important o you then buy it! We always save for "stuff" that takes the guilt away when we make a big purchase. We haven't been on a real vacation for at least three years so what the heck:) Christmas tree as a night light...:)

  7. Beautiful post, my friend. Lovely thoughts. Have a cozy weekend.

  8. I love the idea of the heated house for the feral cats.
    I also like the idea of the Christmas Tree night light.
    xx oo

  9. I hope you are able to make the choice between the cleaning person and the camera. Love that bird feeder - very unusual design! Too funny about the Christmas tree night light! I thought you were starting to decorate for Christmas!

  10. In this day and age, the younger generation are used to getting what they want when they want it, and many people get into debt. We've always saved up and prioritised our purchases. We'll have to be thrifty for a while now with Eleanor's wedding on the cards, what an expense these celebrations are these days. I'm sorry to hear about your two friends both having cancer, that must be so tough for them when they're both going through treatment. I hope they both have a good outcome.

  11. I think the Christmas tree looks lovely, in fact I first thought you wee getting ahead with the Christmas decorations ...

    Take care, my good wishes.

    All the best Jan


  12. We buy almost what ever we feel we need, we do not have children, I was the one who could not it was my health but saying that, we have some beautiful and generous nieces and nephews.
    I have many friends that leave their Christmas trees up all year, they have white lights and change the decorations for the seasons, I may even do that.
    Your home is lovely.
    your cats are beautiful.
    Love the bird feeder its is amazing, the books are something I will look at for book club.
    I would take the camera if it were me.
    So sorry to hear about your friends.


  13. It's so hard to stop feeling like we need to watch every penny we spend. We have pensions. But it's hard to get out of the habit.

    What fun to leave that tree up as a night light. I would have thought they would have burnt out.


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