Hello dear bloggy friends! It’s a lovely SPRING like day here so I thought it time I changed my blog wallpaper from snow to flowers. Lilacs no less. I need color! I am hopeful that we will see something popping up through the ground soon. Crocuses usually show their faces in March here. 

So, what’s new with you? I must admit I am finding life a bit stressful these days. Heartbreakingly so when I think about the Ukrainian people. There are no words I can think of to express the fear, despair, and loss those poor people must be feeling. So, if you have it in your heart to pray, now is the time to do it. 💗 It seems like reality is impossible to handle these days. What else is on our horizon…first Covid and now war. Staying close to God is the only way forward, at least that is the way I choose to deal with it.  What else can we do but hope and pray? Hitler is not dead, just reincarnated. I guess you can tell I am out of patience. More on that later…in the meantime I am >MISSING THE OCEAN big time. 


I am missing the Island and the ocean, the old homestead in Maine.  I want to feel the ocean breezes forcing the ocean waters to shore which creates a mesmerizing ebb and flow that is SO comforting. But, alas, it’s still wintry there, the frozen north, as my sister-in-law calls where she lives in Ontario, Canada. Another month and I think I will head up. 

Lunches at the HARBORSIDE CAFE

Crossing the bridge to the Island

Crossing the Causeway between Islands

And now back to my reality🤪

Meet Buddy. Himself has been missing a dog to walk now that he is finally retired for good. I do not want another pet. I am too old to go through what all that entails. But he hasn’t let up so I decided to compromise. I said I would be okay with him adopting a senior dog. So, he came home with Buddy. Nine years old. Lucy is 10 and very sedate. It didn’t take long to find out that he is a very spry and agile senior. AND he wasn’t house trained. That part was sprung on us as an after thought when we called to ask why he didn’t seem to know that he was to pee outside. We were told his previous owner had him use wee wee pads in the house. Unbelievable! Now I am a sucker for a hard luck case so I have accepted the challenge. Suffice to say, Himself is conveniently never around but claims he loves the dog. Buddy is sweet and loving which is why I don’t have the heart to send him back to the shelter. Zeppe, our cat, has gone into hiding. We have a week to return him, so, hopefully, for Buddy’s sake, life around here will improve. Right now bewilderment on his part and frustration on mine pretty much reigns around here.   Can you teach an old dog new tricks? He seems willing.  I put him out every couple of hours and reward him with doggy snacks and hope he relates them to taking care of his business in the dog yard. 

This is me…when Buddy is bad and when he is good…and when Roger is no help at all…


So, there you have it. 

Take good care of yourselves.



  1. I have seen old dogs learn new tricks and patient people toilet train old dogs with patience and consistency. It is very rewarding, the dogs seem to know they are loved and rescued . Best of luck. It will become easier when the weather improves also!

  2. Awwww, Buddy is a cutie, I do hope he learns those new tricks and is able to stay.

  3. I hope it works out for you with Buddy. He is a diversion from the news for sure!

  4. Yes, the news is so depressing. Buddy might be just what you need. You are doing the right think taking him outside so often. Hope it works.

  5. Until he gets it, take him out every couple of hours. They learn. Dogs are treat-oriented. He’ll learn and congratulations.

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    1. Buddy is gorgeous and I hope he gets to stay with you.
      My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Ukraine.

  7. I agree that the only way I can survive is with Christ in my life. Those lilacs look so pretty.

  8. Hugs. I hope things work out for Buddy. Please pass on gentle scritches.

  9. Both of those boys are so cute. You've got whitecaps on your ocean pics. Maybe you'll be able to take Buddy to the shoreline when it warms up. Linda in Kansas

  10. I hope Buddy is up to new tricks. It would be hard to send him back.

    I am heartbroken for the people of the Ukraine, too. There are so many times I think how thankful I am to live in a country that is not being bombed.

  11. I do like the lilacs ...
    Hoping it works out for you with Buddy.

    Enjoy this last day of February.

    All the best Jan

  12. PS Happy March Wishes.

    All the best Jan

  13. Hard to train them at nine years old, but with patience and some luck you can do it! Put a pee pad outside where you want him to go:)

  14. The new floral background is lovely Susan and cheerful too; however, your post text was trailing into the background and difficult to read. It's nice that Buddy has a new home, and hopefully he will earn indoors is not the place to go do his business. Good luck with the house training because it would be nice if he remains in a home and not a shelter. Hope you will be able to return to the the island and ocean for awhile when the weather improves. it looks lovely.

  15. Reading this about a week late, I wonder how Buddy is coming along. And how you are coping. You're a saint, is all I can say. :) Love your beautiful pictures of Maine!


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