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Dear bloggy friends, hello! I am sitting in my easy chair, with a giant cup of tea. The day is overcast. We’ve had rain. The temps are in the high 50’s F and the birds are singing and chirping, all is peaceful in my little space right now. Roger has gone out to breakfast with  a pal. Buddy and Lucy are sharing my chair as usual so it’s a tight fit. I hear the cat flap so I know that Zeppe is either coming from or going out into the humongous fenced yard/garden that has a bit of everything that might interest him…trees, bird feeders, bushes, shrubs, you get the picture. I don’t have to worry about him. He is our special needs cat. He has one working ear and eye and a twisted jaw all caused by being run into by a car when he was a kitten, before we adopted him from the shelter. Our miracle cat. To look at him you would never know he had disabilities. 

Buddy on one side

Lucy on the other side of me

Zeppe, living in a secure environment 

I have been unsettled this week. As the weather improves I am thinking about what is ahead of me. I am wondering how I can possibly get the property in Maine ready for going on the market to be sold. As much as I hate to cut my ties to the Island I know in my heart that I cannot hold on to it. The distance and cost of maintaining it being the greatest factors. I just don’t want to travel back and forth anymore. Roger can’t travel due to health issues, the family wouldn’t get much use of it, if any, and so, I, alone would be there.  I am on my own and I feel overwhelmed. I expect I will find the energy to accomplish what has to be done once I am there again but right now I feel a sense of helplessness. The scale of the project is what is the most daunting. I pray mostly for wisdom. To find the necessary resources to accomplish the goal. After all, it is on an island we are talking about. 

I have been getting out and about a little bit. I went shopping for clothes, out to eat with friends after church and have made it to the Wednesday morning Bible study group for retirees 3 weeks in a row now. Yes, I am finding comfort in living my faith, and trying to make sense out of what is going on in Europe. It’s so hard to understand why we are reliving history living in a modern world. Especially, as Americans, we are watching it happen from a place of privilege, really, aren’t we? Something we must not take for granted. And we try our best to reach out and help in some practical way. I said in my last post that all we can do is hope and pray. Well, I am now saying, as a Christian, that prayer should not be considered the least of what we can do. Prayer should be at the top of our priorities not the bottom. Yes, I don’t understand what is happening, as I sit in my easy chair and look on in horror as people are suffering. But. God is in control. It’s not the prayers we say that make the difference-it’s the One we pray to. We have to trust in  God. That, I hope is helping us in our anxieties. I know that it helps me cope as we go on in our daily activities. 

 I guess I told you that while staying with Mom during her last years I used to read to her every evening so that as she was trying to go to sleep she could have something to think about. I started off with Ann of Green Gables. My, she loved that book. I couldn’t find many books after that to hold her interest. So, finally I started reading from the Bible. Sadly for both of us, neither of us had read much of it during our lifetime. She loved the stories…especially in Genesis, she also loved Ruth, but most of all she would ask me to read in Psalms. They gave her hope. She had her favorites. I read Psalm 91 at her burial service.  Of course, we loved the story of King David, who, despite his flaws, was loved by God. And David, running for his life, in Psalm 13, would cry out to God…“how long God?” Just remember, God does have the answers to our prayers.

Well, I guess I will end this and go and do something productive…there are no end of projects I could be working on here at home. While I was walking around the property the other day I felt such joy in the colors, especially the yellow here and there. Our first sign of hope that Winter is behind us now.  Each day will bring new colors, new beginnings. 

There you have it my friends, up front and personal today, take good care of yourselves.


Lucy likes to take things slow. 

Quince buds

Washed out daffodils but pretty nonetheless. I need a new big girl camera.

All the Magnolias are getting ready to wow us!
Happy birthday to youngest granddaughter, Lynsey, today. Here she is at her college gala, taken a couple of weeks ago.

I think It’s time to-redecorate the bay window!

Youngest grandson, Josh 14, with his cat, KitKat. (Taken by his brother and shared by his mother!)


  1. Beautiful photos of your pets and family. I feel for you about your mother's property and hope you find the strength to make your decisions about what to do. The situation in Ukraine is heartbreaking, I can barely stand to watch the news reports anymore, those poor, poor people. I pray there will be an end to the war soon. Take care.

  2. Your mystery flower is a hellebore. Awww, Buddy looks so comfortable cuddled up to you, I'm so pleased he's found a loving home with you. Yes, it's terrible what's happening in Ukraine at the moment, I do hope it comes to an end soon.

  3. Does anyone else notice the image of a lion on Lucy's backside?
    As for Ukraine, I find myself praying for Putin. That God can clear the insanity from his mind and open his heart. But I also pray for the poor folks whose lives are being torn apart. We are really so blessed and I sometimes feel guilt for all I have and how little they have.

  4. Lovely post: Many people do not realize how warming it is to read the Bible even if a few words, it was such a wonderful thing to read to your Mother, you are an angel, many would not take the time.
    I am sure it will be hard to let go of your property, it would for me.
    It does feel good to really get out and shop and dine out, the last two years have been so hard op all.
    Beautiful photos of your granddaughter and grandson, your animals know they are loved.
    Please Pray Daily for the Ukraine, it is so heart breaking to see what is going on, this is so much like World War two when so many were displaced from their homes.


  5. I can see why your Mom enjoyed Anne of Green Gables, it is a favorite of mine. Hope you find a solution to your property problems, it would make a lovely Air B and B if you could find a cleaning company or a manager to manage it:)

  6. Hello! Such a lovely thoughtful post, my friend. I join you in prayer for the entire horrible situation in Europe. And place it in God's hands. Prayers for you as you decide on your property. Hugs from chilly Pa!

  7. It's good to read what's on your mind. I can imagine how the property on the island would weigh on you. I hope you're able to get done what needs doing without too much difficulty.

  8. I feel for you having to deal with your the property on the island...having to let it go is hard then there is the having to get it ready.

    The situation in Ukraine is hard to imagine. All I can think is thise poor, poor people.

    I love Psalm 139...and the 23rd psalm saved my sanity one night, if not my life.

  9. Beautiful pictures, beautiful Grand daughter and handsome Grand son. I could not help but think of how awful the place in Ukraine are now due to the bombing. They are destroying that country all for selfish reason they call their right. It's been hard to enjoy spring coming around as I watch the news so I have decided to not watch for a while and just read without pictures. It's affecting my dreams. Your post was a lovely place to stop tonight. Blessings.

  10. You certainly will be facing some tough decisions in selling your mother's beloved home. Many others have faced similar necessary decisions, including myself and my brother. Selling a home that has meant much to your family is hard for sure, but you are stronger than you may know and, in time, will make all the needed decisions.

    Thanks for sharing the photos of beloved pets and family members.


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