Hello and HAPPY SUNDAY! I hope you are well and surviving the oppressive heat and humidity that has consumed us in such an uncomfortable way in the northern hemisphere. I guess we complain  about the heat and bugs every year but, of all the seasons, I really struggle with Summer. I love the beauty of it but it really does something to the chemistry in my brain because I find myself hibernating and wishing for Fall…and less light and sunshine. Weird but true. I think there’s a syndrome regarding my unease but I really haven’t researched it. Anyway, today it’s hovering yet again around 98 degrees with no rain in sight. I feel for our local farmers.

Roger has signed a contract to have our central heating replaced some weeks ago but the crew won’t be here until August. So, right now our upstairs is as hot as the outside. Thankfully, our downstairs is still being cooled. The problem with a large rambling 4000 sq foot house ๐Ÿก is it’s a bugger to keep heated and cooled. Of course, another problem is keeping it cleaned. We won’t say any more on THAT subject.

I have been reading your blogs and I want to credit Roxy from the blog FROM GLORY TO GLORY with both the sunset photo, which I absolutely love, and bringing to my awareness a topic for thought today. And that is how we should be using our money these days. There’s always places for it to go…in our case spending over $15,000 for a new cooling system to be put throughout the house…but for normal expenditures maybe we should start stocking our pantries with staples…not because of shortages but rising prices. We keep waiting for prices to go down but they aren’t, even ‘mickydees’ hamburgers are $1.99 when a year ago they were on the dollar menu. (I buy them as treats for the dogs after a vet appointment.)

Wouldn’t  we be better off to buy our canned and frozen items in quantity…I don’t advocate  hoarding…but I do think we might try to save a bit of money before the costs sky rocket again. It’s a delicate situation because we all remember vividly what happened during the pandemic when people panicked and demand couldn’t keep up with supply. I am advocating shopping for a family of four weekly instead of a family of two. Anyway, Roger loves to grocery shop but I make out the list. So, the idea would have to float his boat    for him to open his wallet, so we shall see. Right now he is at church and out to eat with friends. Since neither the church or restaurant is great on air conditioning I am sitting this one out. I don’t mind at all being left at home. My daughter says I am turning into a hermit.๐Ÿ™ƒ The scary thing about that is my mother was the same in her later years.

There’s really not much to talk about here. I continue to knit and am enjoying it more and more as I make  mistakes and frog and start over. I really love working with hand dyed ๐Ÿงถ combination and variegated yarns. I have finished the hat but I must have measured my head wrong because it hardly fits over my ears with my top knot. I haven’t cut my hair in two years so have lots of it! After having short hair most of my life I am liking long hair for now. The problem is the front is white and the back is dark. I have variegated hair!1 

My next project is a cowl. What can go wrong with that, knit and a few purl with some 3x1 ribbing?? The pattern is Starlight Cowl by Hannah Knotwell…

I haven’t been reading much. I have been rewatching all the VERA episodes. I’m on the 8th season. Roger is not a fan so he’s been binge watching the THREE STOOGES in the family room. He is working yet again with my som Mark in his Swimming pool business. He cleans pools. It’s amazing the amount of inground pools my son installs every year. Mind boggling. 

For all of those suffering, lonely, depressed or otherwise afflicted, you are not alone. I saw this on another blog…THE LIFE OF A QUEEN…today and I so recommend reading the Psalms. ❤️

So, there you have it! 

I hope you are enjoying this day of rest and relaxing.



  1. This is our hottest day so far this summer. The top bedroom level is the hottest but the island breeze blows through and makes it bearable.

    You described the colour of my hair, gray on the front and dark at the back. I stopped using dye last fall. I like it now and it will all be gray eventually. It’s gotten curlier which is quite nice.

    Stay cool!

  2. I totally agree with you on not liking the heat. Most of my friends look at me like I'm crazy when I talk of wanting cooler temperatures.

  3. Beautiful sun photo.
    I am a fan of heat, I sit out in the heat (out of the sun) as much as possible, when its 20 below I think about the warm weather.
    Our home is also large, I cannot imagine paying that much for air conditioning, but everything is going up in price.
    We do not hoard but do keep an ample supply of everything including BBQ sauce in the large pantry.
    Talk of another mandate and maybe a shut-down is in the air, I hope not so many will go crazy with that again.
    looking forward to seeing your progress on knitting.

  4. Every time I grocery shop anymore, when I see a particularly good buy on something we like, even if it's not on my list, I feel compelled to buy it and put it in the freezer or pantry - for exactly the same reason you mention. Who knows how high the prices are going to go! At the moment, though, our freezer is full and we really need to eat it down so there's room to put some produce from the garden I hope to harvest within a month's time. Feeling like we need to eat some stuff fast kind of negates the point of stocking the freezer, though, I'm thinking...

  5. Hello! Yes, the heat and humidity here in Pennsylvania has been a constant this summer. I wish we would get some rain, a nice steady rain. Our air conditioner broke last weekend. It was brutal, and I was reminded that many live without it all the time. It is fixed now, and I don't take it for granted! Have a cozy evening, and stay cool and healthy!

  6. We've had a heatwave here in the UK and it made me feel unwell. I haven't had my hair cut in over two years too and I'm not intending to have it cut either,. I look for offers when grocery shopping and stock up and the rate prices are rising is worrying and it's only going to get worse. Take care.

  7. Just thought I would say hello :-) I found your lovely blog through Eileen.
    I often used to buy a McD's plain burger as a post-vet treat . . . although she was only allowed the meat and a tiny little bit of bun.
    I also shop the same way - if something I usually buy is unexpectedly on offer I might come home with 6 or 8 jars/bottles/cans. Have been shopping like that for years.

  8. I sympathize with you on disliking really hot days. It is why we relocated to NH from the VA Eastern Shore years ago. But, it has really been hot here, as so many other places, and last week most days were in the 90s. We are having a brief respite in the mid 80s now with 90s back next week. Yes, the cost of central AC is high and hope it works out for you and Roger. We had it installed in our older VA home and it was a good decision there, not inexpensive as you noted, but the relief was great.

    There's nothing wrong with being a hermit as we consider ourselves that way some days even when we are in the apt together. Vera is a good series to rewatch; we may rewatch Poiret soon.

  9. I love the heat, which is a good thing because I don't have central air conditioning in my house! My problem is winter, when I'm always so cold. Glad to hear that you are enjoying your knitting. :)

  10. Here in the UK we have experienced unusually hot weather, although it has since cooled down we now need rain. The weather globally seems to be doing 'unusual' things at the moment.

    Happy August Wishes.

    All the best Jan

  11. Here in the UK we have experienced unusually hot weather, although it has since cooled down we now need rain. The weather globally seems to be doing 'unusual' things at the moment.

    Happy August Wishes.

    All the best Jan


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