Hi there, today I am celebrating CUTENESS!💖 Although the previous photos are cute take a look at our latest cuteness...granddog "Lucky". And Granddaughter's, Alyssa and Lynsey... And, guess who was accepted to attend Drexell University in Philadelphia in the Fall?  Lynsey! So, exciting days ahead for them both since Alyssa is in her last year of college in 2020.  Today is Sunday. All is well with Mom and I here on the Island. Well, we do have something not so cute going on in this old house by the sea. We have mysterious visitors inside our house.    They are very much present just can't be seen. We have been hearing noises and at first I pooh-hooed Mom's worried comments about  a rodent being in the house.  Then, while being in the bathroom, quite suddenly it sounded like a big hoopla was taking p!ace inside the one wall! It scared the living daylights out of me!  The loser was making pitiful noises. Needless to say, I was m


First of all, let me wish a heartfelt "Happy New Year!" to each and every one of you! I pray that your troubles will be lighter and  your bodies healthier and your wallets a little heavier in 2020. 😊  God has been good to me and mine.💗  I am enthused about 2020 if for no other reason than it has a nice ring to it! Well, this past week between Christmas and New year's has been quiet here on the Island. Mom is up most of the night so she sleeps until one o'clock, that's PM,  and then spends her time  working on her new word search books, watching TV and paying attention to her  cat.   I have been reading almost  a book a day on my Kindle and crocheting until my fingers cramp and spasm.  I have also been rewatching Miss Marple episodes on dvds. Mom's  day to day excitement is seeing what is going on with the wildlife or the neighbors but the latter is disappointing. Nothing seems to be happening with them either. The neighbor to our  right h