First of all, let me wish a heartfelt "Happy New Year!" to each and every one of you! I pray that your troubles will be lighter and  your bodies healthier and your wallets a little heavier in 2020. 😊

 God has been good to me and mine.💗  I am enthused about 2020 if for no other reason than it has a nice ring to it!

Well, this past week between Christmas and New year's has been quiet here on the Island. Mom is up most of the night so she sleeps until one o'clock, that's PM,  and then spends her time  working on her new word search books, watching TV and paying attention to her  cat.   I have been reading almost  a book a day on my Kindle and crocheting until my fingers cramp and spasm.  I have also been rewatching Miss Marple episodes on dvds. Mom's  day to day excitement is seeing what is going on with the wildlife or the neighbors but the latter is disappointing. Nothing seems to be happening with them either. The neighbor to our  right has a large workshop and the lights are burning   way into the evening. Pounding, sawing, drilling can be heard. Mom has been out of her head wondering what they could be building in the shop. She even went so far as to ask  me to check with  my friend up the road aways to see if she could contribute some insight. LOL. If there's one thing I have learned from living in the city or in a development, it is to live and let live. We have more fun waiting for the mail lady to deliver goodies and cards for me since my 70th birthday 🎂 is on Saturday!

Outside we have had a little snow that changed to rain and froze making our driveway a skating rink. Even after some sunshine it did not improve. Yesterday I ventured out for the first time since before Christmas. I needed to make a pharmacy and food run down the Island to the little fishing village of Stonington.  I bought a LOT of groceries, about $212 worth. We are expecting a storm on the weekend and I would rather hibernate than dig out my car.
Well, guess what? I unloaded my groceries from the trunk of the car and on the last trip into the house, with 2 bags in each hand,  I slipped, sliding along the ice with my feet seemingly going in opposite directions. The  plastic store bags were  still draped around my fingers.  The fancy acrobatics only lasted a few seconds but, oh, the crash landing was spectacular!😵 I twisted my foot/leg, my clog went flying, the bottom of one of the bags split with the impact and the canned goods and head of lettuce flew in all directions like hockey pucks. In trying to get my feet back under me to keep myself upright I jerked up,  but flipped backwards landing on my back and cracking my head on the ice. I swear I felt my brain shift inside my head. I just lay there for a few seconds wondering what had just happened. I had salted before leaving the house but it had not made much of a difference. So, after deciding that nothing was broken I set about deciding how I was going to get up. I am not skinny. I might even be rotund.😏
Well, let's just say I should lose a lot of weight. I have an artificial knee and need the other one done. Anyway,  I scooched? over to the ramp railing and was able to get on my knees and up on my feet. I was tempted to just leave my shoe and groceries out there on the ice. I felt like I had just been run into by the mail lady's jeep who was due at any time. (We have our mailbox beside the house.) However, I gingerly collected everything, went into the house feeling very woozy and sick to my stomach. What an ordeal!! Mom was still asleep, completely oblivious to what was going on.  I did what I had to do, took a very strong  pain pill and  went to bed. I think I pulled a muscle in my calf and I am sore all over.  Such is life at the old homestead taking care of Mom on an island on the coast of Maine. It's days like this that I wish  Mom would reconsider moving to Bethlehem to live with me and Roger.


This week's photos...

Archives... A Hodge Podge

I love this picture! My son-in-law looks like he is going to land very close to Roger who is smiling at me, totally unaware of what's about to happen. 

I have made a lot of wall hangings
throughout my quilting years.

View in our neighborhood in Bethlehem. The wind is whipping the trees this way and that way. My mother is afraid 😨 of the wind but I love it even though I have witnessed the damage it can do to boats and property.

Rough sea.

Nubble Light at Cape Neddick, ME

Our causeway connecting Little Deer Isle to Deer Isle.

Stonington, ME. The little "outboards" take the fishermen out to their lobster boats in the harbor.

My brother's cat, she is 18 yrs old.

Our beloved cat, Nefertiti, died in 2019. She loved Roger the best.

Luscious wild raspberries on our land in Bethlehem.

Sun setting in our little cove. The ocean looks like sand!

What a neat house.


This is a Bethlehem Moravian Star.

My Christmas Village.

Our front door in Bethlehem, PA.

Roger took this picture while walking the dog.


My dear little Lucy. I miss her so much when I am away in Maine.

My antique cookie jar. I paid a lot of money for her on eBay but she is lovely. I used to collect cookie jars.

My cat, Zeppy.

Skurries at Cape May. 

Maine blueberry fields in Autumn.

 "Sweetheart", our granddog, died unexpectedly in 2019.

"Shyanne", another granddog, died also in 2019.
 She was 14 yrs old.

Mom's cat, Bebe. She is about 16 yrs old.

I love the architecture of the old houses in the seaside village of Searsport, Me.

Mom and Dad
Married 71 years.
Sadly, Dad passed away  in 2016.

 I made this Sun Bonnet Sue quilt
for my daughter to replace the one her great grandmother
made her as a child but wore out.

Cardinals love our home in Bethlehem, PA. We have about 20 that come to our feeders regularly.

Stonington Harbor. The red roof building in center is Harbor Cafe where I go with a friend for lunch occasionally.

I love to crochet!

Back in the day, I used to sign my pictures. I changed my blog name in 2019 from LIVING AN  ORDINARY LIFE to THROUGH MY KITCHEN WINDOW.  The reason for the change was... after my Dad became sick and died I became my mother's major caregiver. That meant I was going to be living with her for long stretches of time.  Looking through her kitchen window I was able to take pictures of the wildlife that came to her feeders and under the apple trees. Through the living room window I am able to capture the beautiful sunsets behind the islands. 
😏😵😊 Photography can be a frustrating hobby but also very rewarding and exciting. I hope in 2020 I am able to broaden my photography opportunities.

I hope I have not bored you and that you stayed with me to the end. I also hope you don't have a problem loading this picture heavy blog! 

I have so enjoyed chatting with you. If you have enjoyed my ramblings please subscribe and stop by again. 

I wish you happiness!


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