Happy July! Sandy Hook, New Jersey is about 3 hours away. Hello lovely people! Happy July! I'm so happy you stopped by! I am at the end of the 14 day quarantine since my return from Maine.  I'm not sure my life will change all that much. The risk of exposure is still there so my habits remain the same. There's really no place I really want to go anyway, at least right now.  We are invited to my son's house on the 4th  for a family pool party. Hubby and son share July 10th as their birth date so we will most likely be having cake! 💖 The day Lucy(belle) had her surgery Roger and I took a drive after dropping her off. Since we live in a valley we have to drive over mountains. I had Roger stop at a lookout so I could get a few pictures. This is Fountain Hill that borders Bethlehem. Bergy's Then we took a drive to a place called Wassergass so he could show me his new haunt, Bergy's,  He likes their fat subs,  eggs over easy,  fried potato

Home Sweet Home!!!

Hello dear ones! Yes, I am home! When I left way back in November to travel up to Maine I expected to be gone a couple of months at the most. But stuff happens to aged people and aged pets and old houses, especially on an island in wintertime with no one close by who cares or is able to care if you are dead or alive. Add to that scenario a daughter who cares very much but lives almost 700 miles away. She is trying her best to give her mother some quality and dignity to her remaining years and fulfil a promise she made to her father. Then we have  to add a pandemic, the death of a son/brother as well as the demise of the beloved cat. And lastly, the illness of aged parent who is 93 years old . So, for those of you reading my blog for the first time this is my situation. I am a wife, a mother, a grandmother and a daughter.💖  The only flowers blooming were these growing on a large tree behind the garage in the dog yard. I forget the name of the

Listening to the birds

Pumpkin Island lighthouse Hello dear friends! I hope this letter/blog finds you well and reasonably content. As for me, I am sitting in my recliner with my trusty tablet in my lap perched atop my Tablet Pillow Pad I purchased from Amazon a few months ago. A wonderful purchase. I have my Amazon Playlist in the background playing and am listening to Eros Ramazzotti singing his album, DUETS, with well known singers like Bocelli, Pavarotti, Tina Turner, Cher and others I am not familiar with.   Very relaxing. 😊  Of course,  I don't understand a word of Italian or Spanish but I recognize the songs. And I love their voices. A few songs are in English. I don't know about you but music is a big part of my life. Roger shares my love of music, both classical and contemporary, and between the two of us we have a huge collection. Roger also has a great singing voice. I can barely carry a tune. And he loves to dance! 💖 Have I ever mentioned that he is quite the character? 😊