Listening to the birds

Pumpkin Island lighthouse

Hello dear friends! I hope this letter/blog finds you well and reasonably content. As for me, I am sitting in my recliner with my trusty tablet in my lap perched atop my Tablet Pillow Pad I purchased from Amazon a few months ago. A wonderful purchase. I have my Amazon Playlist in the background playing and am listening to Eros Ramazzotti singing his album, DUETS, with well known singers like Bocelli, Pavarotti, Tina Turner, Cher and others I am not familiar with.   Very relaxing. 😊  Of course,  I don't understand a word of Italian or Spanish but I recognize the songs. And I love their voices. A few songs are in English. I don't know about you but music is a big part of my life. Roger shares my love of music, both classical and contemporary, and between the two of us we have a huge collection. Roger also has a great singing voice. I can barely carry a tune. And he loves to dance! 💖 Have I ever mentioned that he is quite the character? 😊 Can you tell that I miss him, lol.

(I confess that I pulled some  photos seen in this " letter"  from my June archives a year ago when we lived in happier times.)

Stonington Harbor

We have had beautiful weather for the past 2 weeks.The Island is gorgeous! We've had the windows open and Mom has been up sitting in her chair. She listens to the bird's music coming through the stillness and loves the beautiful melodious symphony.  She asks me to identify them and is amazed that I, who can only hear them with one ear, can pick out all the different bird sounds. I used to be a part of 🐦 birdwatching groups and the Allentown Audubon Society many moons ago. Roger is always amazed that I don't need to see a bird in order to identify it. He will call me, all excited, and try to mimic a bird so I can identify it. I must confess that I am chuffed at their admiration, lol. An insignificant accomplishment but, as they say, the memory is the first to go. 😉

Mom has had a difficult two weeks but seems to be on the other side of it now. She finished her 7 days of an antibiotic.  She agreed readily to seeing her doctor after the pain and discomfort she had been through. Her doctor called me yesterday to say the lab work all came back showing she is fine. That perked her up considerably! She decided to get out of bed and ate a big meal for supper. What a transformation! I must also mention, in passing, 😏 that the doctor told her he was more worried about me than her right now and suggested she pack up and go home with me OR go into the Island nursing home. Most of that conversation went over her head.

However, I am making arrangements to have a caregiver come in and I am heading for home. God willing, my next post will be from Bethlehem! I can hardly wait! It will be very expensive for me but well worth the peace of mind for both of us.

Not a lot going on outside my kitchen window that I know about. I was very surprised to see a pigeon out there
pecking away and I could hear it making pigeony murmurings through the screen door. I have never ever seen a pigeon on this Island!! You will notice that it has a tag on one of its legs.

Mama raccoon

I hope you enjoyed this week's snippets from Little Deer Isle, Maine!

I thought I would add a new feature to my blog. I love your book recommendations on your blogs! I also listen to audible books when crocheting or working in my sewing room at home or the drive between Maine and Pennsylvania. 
This book is all about why people hoard things. It's light reading, set in England, and heartwarming. My mother grew up during the depression and hangs on to things for dear life! She also suffers from life long
depression/introvert issues and while I don't hoard, well, if you don't count books, dvds and cds, fabric and yarn, my two brothers are guilty as charged!  I have some social anxiety issues as does my oldest grandson. We stay clear of weddings, funerals, graduations, crowds, people who make us nervous, etc...if they can be avoided.  So, these conditions are definitely inherited in my mind. My mother is an introvert as am I. My dad was an extrovert as is my younger brother and also my late brother, Thomas.
I enjoyed this book and read it on Sunday in one day since Mom, at that point, was still spending her days in bed.  

This is a long post! Thanks for visiting!💖


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