Home Sweet Home!!!

Hello dear ones! Yes, I am home! When I left way back in November to travel up to Maine I expected to be gone a couple of months at the most. But stuff happens to aged people and aged pets and old houses, especially on an island in wintertime with no one close by who cares or is able to care if you are dead or alive. Add to that scenario a daughter who cares very much but lives almost 700 miles away. She is trying her best to give her mother some quality and dignity to her remaining years and fulfil a promise she made to her father. Then we have  to add a pandemic, the death of a son/brother as well as the demise of the beloved cat. And lastly, the illness of aged parent who is 93 years old. So, for those of you reading my blog for the first time this is my situation. I am a wife, a mother, a grandmother and a daughter.💖 

The only flowers blooming were these growing on a large tree behind the garage in the dog yard. I forget the name of the tree. I think it might be in the dogwood family.


It's beyond wonderful being home! The above photos were snapped the other evening as I walked with the dogs. Everything is lush and overgrown. Lots of work needed but Roger is busy working with my son this summer. It was still  very humid.  By the time I got to the back of the house I forgot about pictures, picked up Dolly, who is blind, and hurried inside again. 

Roger and I live in the beautiful Saucon Valley. We are surrounded by mountains. One day soon I am going to get out and about with my camera. The only complaint I have year after year is the relentless humidity in Summer. Ninety-degree temps have kept me in with the blessed central air on day and night. There's a lot to do inside. The house is neat and tidy but layered in dust! Dear husband not only doesn't do windows but has no idea what a dust rag is. Thankfully he does do bathrooms and knows what the vacuum is for. And he loves to cook...but not when I am in residence. That's definitely a wife's job. 
However, he loves to grocery shop. When we married 15 years ago I quickly learned that 2 of us in the supermarket in charge of one cart was not going to work. I would put in, he would take out, did we really need that? He loved to chat with people he knew or didn't know, and I was forever losing him! It was a very frustrating experience! Two middle-aged, strong-willed,  independent, newly married people trying to adjust to the other's temperament and habits. I don't like to shop so my aim is to get in and out as quickly as possible. I relinquished food shopping to him. I do occasionally go by myself if I need to shop for specific items.

I arrived home to find a huge assortment of mail and packages addressed to me on the dining room table! Love love love! I ordered them throughout the time I was gone. It was like Christmas! I had forgotten what I had ordered in some of them.  Yarn yarn yarn. Simply Crochet magazines. An Air fryer! A special cleaner for the china cabinet oak wood which,  unbeknownst to me when I ordered it on Facebook, came from China and took several months to arrive. Same for a comfy pet bed, as if we needed another one! A special halo contraption for blind dogs. An international DVD player. A Roku set up.  A new season of VERA, THE KILLING, the entire series of TAXI, KING OF QUEENS, and BORN AND BRED on DVD. Two gardening tools I saw on Youtube vlogs (Chateau Life). Wow, what a haul! but remember, these accumulated over 7 months.




My kitchen is lived in!
The only picture I took, after cleaning the windows, was of this squirrel.
There are loads of them in the dog yard under the feeders. Lucy runs out the doggy door in the hopes of catching one. They run in all directions. She sits and surveys her domain but the humidity gets the best of her and she heads back inside. 
Yesterday she had a very rambunctious visitor. Lucky and his family came to visit.  My daughter, Judi, son-in-love, Erick, grandsons, Logan and Joshua and adorable dog,
Lucky who is a year old now, I think. While they were here I put them all to work, lol. Erick set up the Roku for me on the Living room TV, Judi helped me figure out the new AirFryer, 
Logan and Josh put together an Ikea cart I had bought while in Maine and cleaned the outside patio furniture. Now to get the accumulation of moss off the bricks, the weeds and brambles cleared and new mulch put down, some potted plants and I will be filled with joy every time I look out the sliding doors in the living room/dining room. The boys have promised to help me so I will go up to the Poconos and bring them down for a  work/visit as soon as this relentless heatwave let's up. Roger ordered and picked up pizza, we enjoyed watermelon, our time together after so many months and life was good!

This week promises to be busy. My car goes in for an oil change and inspection tomorrow and Lucy has her surgery on Wednesday. I will continue to plod away on getting more cleaning done around here. The restrictions have been eased to the point I can visit a very dear friend. Roger has a couple of days off so I imagine he and I will take a drive, snap a few photos and eat out before picking Lucybelle up at the vets. The next 10 days I will be watching her like a hawk so she doesn't pull her stitches out. 

This is my life for right now: Content. A very nice feeling. 
Much love,

I will be back soon so take care of yourselves and may your days be good ones.


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