My husband, Roger, walks our dog, Mysti, everyday. It has to be pretty awful outside for them to miss their outing around the neighborhood. Mysti is pretty well insulated when she has her winter coat on.

She knows that when he finishes feeding the deer they will be on their way. She paces relentlessly around the house and is tall enough to be able to look out most of the Windows.

Our Easter bunny is being rained on!

Today it's raining and cold. 40 degrees F. She will love it!  Roger also will embrace the opportunity to try and capture what's happening above his head if it should stop raining at all while they are gone. 
Roger shares my love of photography with one exception. He loves to take pictures of the sky, exclusively. Clouds fascinate him and he has 100's of pictures of them on his phone.
Occasionally I will look up and understand his amazement. Especially when a storm is brewing.

Roger does capture some really great pictures of cloud formations.

We had a beautiful day yesterday! In the
60's and sunny. A perfect day to begin outside gardening projects like dealing with my "dragon weeds". However, I had a hairdresser appointment and the 2 little dogs, Chloe and Lucy,  had vet appointments. Roger and I had an "appointment" with our favorite diner to have a nice dinner so that I wouldn't have to cook. Yah!
If you look closely you will understand why I named this wall hanging " imbibing". Bunny looks like he ate the eggs instead of hiding them.

 Rain is a good thing and after the rain let the sun shine. Spring is a glorious time of the year here in the Saucon Valley.  It only lasts for a short time though and then it's heat and humidity.
In fact, this picture of Roger at his first pool party of the season at my son's house was taken on a humid day in May.



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