Hello dear bloggy friends! Another rainy blog of musings. I hope you don’t mind. So, what am I doing on this dark, rainy day? I am reliving nostalgia…of a youth wasted on a picturesque island on the coast of Maine.  I can remember buying my first record player in my teens. I don’t know what it was.  My younger brother was the music buff in the family. I had no time. I was working or reading. School. No dating though. Fast forward to today.  

  About a year or so ago I was introduced via YouTube to the BEE GEES! I love love love this group.  A  musical 🎶 treasure I missed out on in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s!!! How did I miss SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER?? Yes, I know my world was warped. Working while the world turned. Until I retired there was very little down time for me and when there was I read. Love to read. I’m sure I knew what was going on, after all I have lived in cities for most of my life after leaving the Island. But better late than never I say. Maybe I wouldn’t have loved them then, who knows but I am certainly a fan now. I have most of their albums and cds but I mostly watch them on YouTube. They are legends and you can tell  they were good because their music lives on.

The shame is that the oldest brother, Barry,  is the only one still living and he is my age. Maurice died first and his brother, twin brother, died 10 years later, 52 and 62 respectively. However, thanks to YouTube their music will never die. They wrote all their music and even wrote songs for other artists like Barbra Streisand, Dolly Parton, and Celine Deon. Barry, the oldest, was the most prolific writer and vocalist. He’s great but Robin’s voice is my favorite. It fits his personality which was quirky and eccentric.  I love their life stories also. They had most unusual childhood experiences. They grew up on stage so to speak. Their lives had a lot of tragedy. they became famous and rich but remained humble, good human beings and a tremendous love of family.
So, today I am watching BEE GEES ONO SIDNEY 1 AND 2.  These photos are bad but straight off the TV.
When I sold Mom’s house I bought myself a new iPhone, 14. Well the next month the 15 came out! Bummer but hey ho. I had bought the phone because I wanted the camera update. I am not disappointed. And my grandson, Josh, was very happy to have my old iPhone 11.




One of my favorites is IT’S ONLY WORDS…BARRY wrote all the romantic songs. Although Robin wrote SENSUALITY. They are all good! So, that concert has ended and the next one has started. ONE NIGHT ONLY, 1997. They are older but still fabulous. Robin is singing Massachusetts. I  listen to The Bee Gees when I need to be in my happy place in my mind, emotional therapy maybe. It’s medicine to a grieving heart. The tests done on Lucy Belle is what we knew. She has bladder cancer. Nothing can save her so we are taking one day at a time.❤️



  1. Thank-you for the walk down memory lane, I have been a fan of the Bee Gee's for years since they first came out and people were saying they were trying to copy the Beatles, I am not a big fan of the Beatles, but the Bee Gee's are amazing especially the theme song to Saturday Night Fever, I get so excited and want to dance to that song.
    Sadly the youngest brother Andy died due to the heart problem from doing so many drugs, a very talented family for sure.

    Have an amazing week

  2. I am so happy that you are a fan also! Have a wonderful week ahead. ❤️

  3. YouTube is great for rediscovering those old bands of our youth. Or in discovering bands for the first time. In your case, you discovered the BeeGees. I was always a BeeGees fan. In my case, a few years ago, I discovered a phenomenal band I somehow missed back in the1970s: Pink Floyd. Modern technology has its faults; but in YouTube it' has produced a miracle!

    1. You are so right, Tom! I love YouTube. I watch it on my TV…documentaries, concerts, podcasts, vlog and audiobooks.❤️

  4. i have always loved the bee gees music and watched the recent documentary about them. they are and always will be legends!! i enjoy watching old videos of queen...a band i did not really like when i was younger, but now i really enjoy their music. i think any music is wonderful, if i am ever feeling down, or need to get my engines going, i but some music on. it perks me up every time!!

  5. Poor Lucy Belle, these will be hard days for you. I love the Bee Gees...and have for years. So much good music:)


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