I thought it might give my readers pleasure to see some of the pictures that I take while I am out and about with my camera. So I have come up with an idea. I will occasionally post just pictures that I have taken here, there, and everywhere.

This is Maisie. She came to our dining room French doors, settled herself down so she could look in and watched what was going on in the house until the dogs saw her and went wild. 

My daughter, Judi's dog that I babysat so they could go on vacation. She moved a bit so this picture is blurred but what a face! Her name is "Sweetheart" and she sure is one!

Mysti is Roger's sweetheart. I gave her to him for a wedding present when we were married 9 years ago.
This wall hanging resides in my daughter's house and was inspired by these:
These flowers and butterflies return to us each year!

This is a very peaceful scene taken on a warm day in July at Grey's beach on Deer Isle in Maine. There's a mild breeze coming off the ocean. The mother has her babies with her but they can't be seen in this picture.  
May you have some of that peace in your heart today.



  1. Well I have finished April and May posts...and enjoyed it. Love the doilies you made your mom in the one post...LOVE Mysti! Love all the butterflies.


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