A very bleak Tuesday

Today began as a rainy, windy day. Not much going on. A trip to the pharmacy and a detour to MacDonald's drive thru. Exciting.  Not cold, temps in the 60's-80's for the past week.  As the day unfolded it rained down harder but the wind diminished. The temps dropped down into the 50's and kept dropping. Tonight Roger felt the need of a fire in the fireplace again.  Crazy or what!  I just let the dogs out before we headed up to bed and it is snowing hard at the moment. It was 82 degrees 2 days ago! Good thing I didn't buy those bedding plants yesterday.


If you're a return reader of this humble little blog of mine you will have pretty much figured out that I love the ocean. The rougher the better. I also like being on it. But not in it. Too cold.

I had always planned on returning to the Island when I retired. Alas, that was not to be. I do think that I would miss living here. It is very pretty here, surrounded by  rolling hills and mountains and living within a couple of hours from NYC, Philly and the Jersey shore.  It's disappointing though to only have  "reasonable" Spring type weather for about a month. In early May it can turn  unreasonable overnight.  Day one, enjoying the great outdoors, day two, sweltering. And that's IT for Spring like weather.  I can't stand the humidity! Those with swimming pools just love coming home from work and jumping in. My son, who has a swimming pool business, just loves it too. Hot=swimming in pools=business.

Family enjoying My son's Pool. That's Roger floating.

It can get hot on the Island.  Maybe as high as in the 80's in the dead of summer.  But there's always an afternoon breeze that comes off the ocean that's very refreshing. Of course, with the good comes the ugly. Mosquitoes!! Blackflies!! You must not plan being outside in the early evening without oiling your skin in bug repellant. Ugh. During the night add skunks to the list of undesirables. They can take the fun out of camping with a dog in no time at all. Oh, and Porcupines. But the days are heavenly. Seagulls squawking. The intoxicating salty breeze that you breath in,  deeply, wishing you could bottle it and take it home with you. Speaking of bottles, as kids we used to put our name,  address and age in a bottle and set it afloat in the hopes of hearing back from someone whose life HAD to be more interesting than ours. My bottles must have sunk.

Those hated "dragon" blue flowers that are becoming a real nuisance. They are
popping up everywhere.

However, while we are rushing into summer type weather here in Eastern PA,  Maine is just heading into Spring. When our flowering fruit trees are blooming, Mainers are getting giddy over their daffodils, forsythia, and tulips, ours being over and done with. They are just finishing with mud season. We are anticipating strawberry season. Our blueberries ripen in early July. Maine's in middle August. But my favorite time there is Lupine Festival time. When I think June in Maine I think of Lupines growing wild in most places. They love the sun.  Soooo incredibly lovely to look at. A peaceful, stately plant.

There are also white and pink Lupines.
So the ideal is to enjoy Spring here and then pack up and go to the Island to enjoy it all over again. The best of both my worlds. In less then a month I will be heading up. Here the central air will be ticking  up our gauge on the outside electric meter. On Little Deer Isle I will be putting on extra blankets.  I can hardly wait to take that first deep breath of sea air and be thankful that with God's protection along the way I have arrived.

May you find your own inner peace wherever you are, whatever you do.

Sheep Island. Just off our cove.  Osprey nest
is on the end of the island
on the rounded ledge. They have been coming back every
year since I can remember to lay their eggs and raise their young.


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