It is getting greener in our neck of the woods, especially after all the rain we've had lately. Easter Day was just gorgeous and warm. In fact, a little too warm for Bunny to hide his eggs outside so he hid them inside instead. This was very unacceptable to our 10 year old grandson and he refused to go on a hunt in the house for the colorful eggs with chocolate goodies in them. And maybe some money! So, his 6 year old brother happily and excitedly collected most of the eggs and refused to share his spoils with his brother. Oh, Joy. NOT.

We have made a trip to the nursery in our little town to get our first "fix" on colors, smells, ideas and prices. We used to get really carried away with filling pots and hanging baskets with the most beautiful displays of magnificence! I LOVE  flowers and would love to have them everywhere. Some years ago now we enjoyed  inviting friends and family for picnics, out of town friends for visits all. summer. long. But just before I retired I started experiencing some health problems. That's why I decided to retire at 55 instead of 65.   I had to curtail my outside gardening and entertaining. Well, it was a lot of work if truth be told.  I have learned since then to listen to my body and my stamina and adjust my activities accordingly. Now I strive for simplicity. A little of this and a little of that. Mostly pots placed on the patio and one at the driveway door into the walkway. Unfortunately,  when I go to Maine in the Summer I usually come home to dead plants that someone, (his name begins with an R), has forgotten to water.

Aren't the Grands Great??

 We had the boys for a few days this past weekend and a stepping stone and a milestone was accomplished. The stepping stone was that Josh learned to ride Logan's old bike with training wheels and Pappy (Roger) gave Logan a brand new bike. A very nice surprise waiting for them when I brought them back from the park and a walk by the river. So Logan is now riding an adult size bike like a pro and very proud of his accomplishment too. Especially when he can shift up and down all the different speeds (which sounded like he was stripping them when he gave me a demonstration) to determine  how fast or slow he can go up and down our winding driveway. And around the house and through the woods. 

Some Doily Ta-Da's

For my Mom on Mother's Day

This one is unblocked but the bottom one is blocked.

The name of the pattern is called "Crocus".

I'm  sure she will love them even though she has a lot that I have made her already. I started crocheting a few years ago and she was the recipient of most of my early Ta-Da's.

May you have peace in your heart today!


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