I arrived in Maine on the tail end of the Lupine season. A few were blooming still but looking a bit bedraggled with all the wind and rain the Island had been having. These were taken next to my NEST.
While visiting my brother in York and Cape Neddick area I decided to drive into the Little town of Kennebunk that is about 15 miles from their house. As soon as I got inside the town line, the sky darkened and it looked like a storm was brewing. It had been wicked hot and humid the whole time I had been in the area. I thought I had better get my act together with the picture taking if it was going to happen
so I quick snapped a picture of the town line sign.
Not far from  the sign was a bridge crossing a river that runs into the ocean. When I stopped and looked out toward the ocean side of the bridge I could see a small island with a LOT of nice houses on it.  I couldn't help but think what it must be like to be on it when a hurricane was raging. Jeez Louise!
You can see the sky darkening and the quietness on the water. All indications that a thunderstorm was on it's way.

Moving on. Across the bridge was a typical Maine cape that had been modernized.   This one really struck my fancy.  Man, would I love to live there! The gardens were just gorgeous.  

I just had to enlarge these pictures! Gardens were all around the house but I wanted to move on before I had to give in to the storm that was threatening.
As I neared the village I couldn't resist snapping one of this old 1930-40's? truck.

This one was for Roger. He loves old vehicles.
When I arrived near the town I ran smack in the middle of a lot of construction going on at a crossroads. The road into Kennebunk proper went around a corner and down a hill into town! All four roads at the light was at a standstill and being directed by flagmen. Traffic was backed up and not moving. I took a side street, when I could, to see if I could go around somehow. I turned here and there and ended up on a street that looked a bit like the historic district. A few big ole houses looked interesting though most were hidden by trees. These 3 were the most visible.

I eventually figured out how to get  on the upper part of Main street, parked at some gas pumps since there was absolutely NO parking to be had and no one was stopping for gas. I walked a bit to enjoy the quaintness and prettiness of yet another Maine village not far from the ocean and tourists. While filling up my gas tank I enjoyed the view of a Baptist church just across the street. It was unusual in it's design and looked like it was built many years ago. The "windows" at the front are shuttered in green.
I stood on the corner and snapped a few shots looking down the street towards the construction.
And that, dear friends, is all I took. The  thunder rumbled, the wind picked up and the rain  started and did not stop.
I have one more photo to show you. My brother, Richard's cat, Tisha. She looked so adorable when I walked into their living room and seemed to recognize me from my visit over a month ago.
Enjoy your Summer and
May you have peace in your heart today!


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