It's such a dark and dreary day here. I looked through my albums for something pretty and refreshing to give this blog posting  a bright and cheery beginning. Hope you like the picture as much as I do because the rest of the photos are not  nearly as  colorful!  

What a cold snap we are going through!  I have been hibernating like a bear!  Crock pot cooking, a bit of baking using the raspberries we had in our patch last year (it sounds really ODD saying "last year" )...and hooking a bit while watching movies we bought with our gift cards from Christmas and my birthday. Even hubby who hardly ever sits still has been forced to stay inside out of the frigid temperatures. Sometimes I can't stand myself being such a sloth so force myself upright, bundle up into my warmest Winter garb and step outside. Lucy and I walk around the property-well, I should say I walk and she runs and barks telling those squirrels and the neighbor's dog that she has arrived and how about a race. Mysti, our big dog has injured her leg on the ice and is hopping around on three legs so she is confined to the house. We are trying to come up with a plan on how we might get her into the car, out of it, and into the vets office which entails going up a long ramp and up steps. She weighs 85 pounds so it's not like we can pick her up and carry her. She doesn't appear to be in any pain, just can't put weight on it. 

Lucy gives it her best but her short legs are a definite handicap racing Yeager along the fence. This was taken after our first and only significant snow fall of the season-so far. We have no snow on the ground at this writing.
The birds are feeding like crazy and the deer start gathering early to get their evening corn . 

This feeder is outside an upstairs room which is what I call my craft room. I have only  a  pathway through this room due to an over abundance of fabric and other quilting related paraphernalia; patterns, kits,  sewing machines, thread, also embroidery supplies as well as rug making stuff.  I pretty much stopped quilting when I started crocheting which transpired when I was recovering from a knee replacement about 4 years ago. I have made a few wall hangings and made a Christmas throw quilt last year but it has yet to be quilted. This week I dusted off my sewing machine and not only did some hemming on clothing I bought 3 months ago but also looked through my "flimsies" (unfinished quilt tops). I decided it's about time I worked on a few of them so they could be sent off to the longarm quilter. This is the one I will be finishing soon. It's a king size.

So, now you understand what I mean when I say I can become claustrophobic in my sewing room. Sami and Neffi get more use out of it then I do lately. They like to birdwatch and nap in there. It gets a lot of sunlight through the 2 big Windows. That's why I chose it originally to sew in. 

The grandsons have arrived for the afternoon while their parents go to a medical appointment in Philly. Must go. Until next time...keep those fires burning... unless you're fortunate enough to be in a warmer climate. 


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