Isn't this Star Magnolia beautiful! A tree without leaves just flowers. We have several more that are wowing us out of a stark early Spring setting. Along with the daffodils, tulips and forsythia bushes.  

I have been missing in action for awhile now and my posts before that were sporatic. All due to computer problems. I am happy to report that is in the past. My son-in-law has changed us over from our horrid old desktop to a laptop and now I am over the top happy.   
It is wonderful to get outside to work on the clean up around the property and to breathe in the Spring freshness of the air. We are having warm window and doors open type of days but cool nights. It is also therapeutic after the loss of 2 of our beloved dogs in the space of a month. Lucy, the youngest seems to be adjusting now to not having her buddy, Mysti, around. She and I are buddies, never far from wherever I am. She stays on the property while I am outside working so I don't have to have her on a leash all the time. 

Lucy is part chi and part doxie. We have thought about getting her a buddy but maybe we will just hold off and see how it goes. 

We still have our 4 cats although they are not really aware of Lucy. Only one of them cozies up to her with a "hello and what have you been eating" type of sniffy greeting. That cat's name is Nefertiti. She is quite hauty with the other cat's. Actually she hates them and hisses and spits if they approach her. 

Before it warmed up enough for me to attempt any sort of outside work Roger and I took a drive a short distance outside the small town that we live near. We don't often do that and somehow on other excursions we had missed this horse farm. 

You can still see the last of the snow here and there. The horses were so beautiful!!


I finished this poncho for my daughter. She needed one for Spring. I adapted the pattern from one I saw in Simply Crochet Magazine. It's a British publication but is available at Barnes and Noble Booksellers close to where I live. The grandboys want a poncho now so I am on the hunt for a pattern that would be suitable for boys. I am making another one like this one but it has a cowl neck like the pattern has and will be good for Fall. I may keep it for myself. It will be good to have when I walk Lucy on chilly days. 

So, that is what I have been up to. Hope your days are happy and pain free. 


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