"Letting go of resistance and stepping into acceptance, as you do with preparation, is a secret of contentment." 

I once read this and it resurfaced to the forefront of my memory this week. When Spring showed up in all her Splendor I could hardly hold back my enthusiasm for getting out of the house and actually doing something that required activity on my part. At first I raked and filled wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow with the leaves we didn't get around to in the Fall. Dumping them on the compost pile at the back of the property. Then on to pruning roses, raspberries, butterfly bushes and the list goes on until I developed an allergic reaction to some form of weed or bramble and had to move on to landscaping with rocks. Not little ones, oh no, the chunky white ones that our neighbor was giving away to whoever would cart them away. Roger decided that was us. This picture shows one area that we put them. BACK BREAKING WORK. 

THEN ON to mulching. I am not too proud to say that by now my enthusiasm is waning big time and I am searching for any excuse to get back INTO the house to rest my aching back and resume my sedentary life style. But of course that's not going to happen. Why? ... Spring cleaning. AND the much needed repainting that has been postponed for way too many years. I have really been in a TWIST about outside and inside projects that HAVE to get done before the humidity sets in. I literally made myself sick. Rapid heart beat and insomnia. High sugar levels and headaches. Feverish in Spring, lol.  I felt like Spring had gobsmacked me with pressures. Enough already. I need an ocean fix! Why resist it, just accept it and start packing. I feel a smidgen better already. I spent the morning shopping and organizing and packing. My Kindle, my yarn and hooks, audible books, snacks (nutritious of course). The long trip to Maine from Pennsylvania gets more daunting every year but is well worth it when I drive over that bridge and onto Little Deer Isle. MY PARENTS WLL BE OVER THE MOON HAPPY. It's mud season there but I'm not complaining. No sirree.

See you in a couple of weeks. Try to enjoy God's creation. It's there for your pleasure. 


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