Gosh! It is sizzling here right now! I have hardly been outside all week. The heat index is over a hundred degrees Fahrenheit every day. I don't do well healthwise in such intense heat so I am content  to occupy myself with inside projects. (I realize that is an understatement, who DOES do well in 100 degrees temps??) Mostly HOOKY projects while watching season 5 of Downton Abbey. I read that season 6 will be their last.  Bummer.

  Anyway, we recently had a small dinner party and I decided to use it as an excuse to do a bit of a house revitalization. The problem I have now is what to do with all the de-revitalized junk I weeded from the downstairs and put in the bird/yarn/office and what have you room. We are full up at the cottage, the garages, the sheds. A conundrum for sure. The grandsons are coming on Friday for a few days so I have another conundrum-what to feed them. Here it is 3:34 am. I am wide awake and pondering this question because today is Thursday and if I'm going to cook/bake anything I have to get at it.  Do I want to put more heat into this house by using the stove or oven? Sweat it out in the kitchen again after spending yesterday making a huge batch of nutritional dog biscuits for Lucy and Dolly? A 64 dollar question as my mom would say. Logan mentioned the last time he was here how much he liked Pizza Hut. Should we make them drive into Allentown to eat there after they've already driven over an hour to get here? Probably not. My daughter doesn't do well being out in the humidity with her lung issues so I guess I'd better start trolling my Pinterest recipes for a meal plan. Besides, we are about out of the leftovers from the get together on Saturday. I cooked a LOT of food knowing that we could not possibly eat it all in one sitting.

So, moving right along to another problem...our new dog, Dolly, loves to dig holes. Specifically maybe I should say she is a tunneler. From one side of the fence to the other side. The grass is so much "greener" on the other side. The deer, the groundhogs, the squirrels and the chipmunks are on the other side, not to mention lots of freedom to explore the neighborhood. And to give her new "mum" a heart attack when she realizes Dolly is NOWHERE....not in the house, not in the fenced in yard, not outside the yard. Panic sets in as I realize she doesn't have her collar and name tag on. We had her microchipped soon after we got her so by now she should be registered in some database if she is scanned. Small comfort that is to the present situation of finding her before she gets hit by a car. We live in a development with a busy road not far away. My goodness, the feeling of terror that seized me! I yelled for Roger to come quick and to canvass the neighborhood. To make a long story short we finally found her-dirty with her tongue hanging out-did I mention it is blasted HOT here-covered in stickers from the brambles and "pucker bushes" as we call them where I grew up. Her face was covered in dirt from the digging and wiggling her way under the fence. I was so happy to see her!!! Hugs and treats! Poor Roger has had to reinforce and develop a Dolly penitentiary type yard. With all the dogs we have had through the years she is our only digger. Whew! Never a dull moment with her and we've only had her for 3 weeks. Did I mention that she still terrorizes the cats if she thinks she can get away with it? It doesn't matter that they are all larger than she is.

SOON I will be heading north again. Ocean breezes are calling my name, at least in my mind. I leave in about a week for 3 weeks in Maine. I'll be camping in my little nest, no TV, no telephone. But I'll have family, books and music not to mention great views of the ocean, islands,  and sunsets.

Have a great August!


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