Hi there! Hope you are staying cool or warm depending on what part of the world you live in. Here in Eastern PA it is very humid with temps in the 90's.
I would like to introduce you to Dolly. She is 9 yrs old and has had a rough time of it. She came to live with us a week ago all the way from WV. She was recently spayed and we are working on getting her house trained/broken and cat savvy. We have 4 cats and  she terrorized them into permanent hiding the 1st couple of days she was here. She's about the size of Lucy but weighs about 10 pounds less. Needless to say she could use a bit of fattening up. That shouldn't take long since she eats voraciously! We are working on getting her used to our way of life and so far she seems very happy with her new home-especially the large fenced in yard and walks around the property several times a day. We have over 2 acres with lots of trees, shrubs, flowers, etc. and she runs like she has springs attached to her feet. She loves camping  by the patio doors looking out at all the birds, groundhogs, deer and the neighbors dog across the way. 

Lucy doesn't know what to make of her. She has so much energy and is yappy and wants lots of attention. So far, Lucy isn't altogether thrilled-

But I'm sure that once the transitioning is complete she will warm up to having another dog back in her life. Here's hoping. We didn't intend on getting an older dog but Dolly really needed a home so we decided to give her a chance. 

Other news here is that it is raspberry and blackberry season and our bushes are covered in big juicy and sweet berries. With my heart problems I don't go out and pick when it's humid so I am waiting on Roger. He is busy making a shed at the back of the property to house his tractors. He will be taking a break when we celebrate his birthday on Friday by going on a bus trip to Lancaster to visit Sight and Sound theater to see JOSEPH. Afterwards we will make our way to Shady Maples, an Amish smorgasbord. Good friends are accompanying us and we are really looking forward to some time away. Our pet sitter is coming in for the day. 

I am still working on those snowflake throws to give away for Christmas presents. In fact, I am getting sick of the project and will be soooo  happy when it's completed!! 

 I have an appointment with an ortho next week to see about my arm problems. If I move it a certain way it feels like it's coming out of joint. I am hoping a shot of something will make it all better and I can resume my normal activities. Right now I have a hard time using that arm  for much of anything including driving my car. I need to get back in tip top shape soon because Mom told me on the phone a few days ago that she had fallen and was pretty sore and bruised but no broken bones. I hope to go back up to Maine for the month of August so I can keep an eye on her and Dad. 

Our first sunflower of the season. We have them sprouting up around the many black oil filled bird feeders in the yard. Every year I say I am going to plant some of the Mammoth Sunflowers but always forget until I see the wild ones blooming. 

Logan is visiting for a few days. At 11 he is getting so tall, will be catching up to his older cousins soon. Alyssa and Lynsey. Love visits from the grands! 

Enjoy your SUMMER! 


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