Houses of Cape May

This is really Part II of a blog posting I did on a mini vacation that my daughter, Judi, and I had planned for a much needed getaway. Although the weather didn't cooperate and we had to leave a day earlier than planned we managed to enjoy the sea air, good food and shopping. It was cloudy and humid and during a period of about 2 hours when it was partly sunny I raced around and took a bunch of pictures of some of my favorite houses. 

I would be remiss if I didn't start with the beautiful B&B, Angel of the Sea. Some years ago I toured this house-it is actually 2 houses connected. There is a story that goes along with the history of the house, how it was moved here in sections from another location many years ago. It has the distinction of being....

Notice this one is circa 1700!

It was hard to keep the camera still with the wind but I really like this house so didn't want to delete it from my camera card. 
 Hope you enjoyed my Cape May house tour! 
Please drop by again. 


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