November boat trip on Lake Nockamixon
Hi there dear friends! Fall has become a bit of a let down I'm sorry to say. No more shuffling through fresh fallen leaves. Splashes of color no longer greet me when I gaze out of the dining room bay window as I drink my morning tea. The birds aren't trilling happily from tree tops but are sounding rather frantic as they crowd the feeders trying to fortify their little bodies against the cold nights and whatever else Mother Nature might blow or rain or snow at them. 

We have had very bleak, rainy days of late. The wind and rain has stripped the trees of any color they were holding onto. No sun to be seen for days now..... But wait!  Something magical is happening this morning. The sun is making her appearance! Will wonders never cease! Wonderful sunshine pushing  beams through the windows and warming not only the rooms but lifting our spirits as well.

 In my case, just a smidgen.

The truth is, dear readers, that I have been sitting here feeling overwhelmed by what is on my mental To Do List. The house needs to be stripped of our everyday look and festooned (I'm sure that's a word) into bright, cheery and festive surroundings in honor of Christmas.

Truth be told my enthusiasm for accomplishing this transformation is "no bigger than a mouse's ear". Yep, that about sums it up. Presents for the grands are arriving daily, stacking up on the dining room table . ( Thank you Amazon.) They must be wrapped and hidden no later than the 10th of December when we will be celebrating Josh's 8th birthday. Can that be right? My youngest grandchild is eight already? I can remember when he looked like this. But now he looks like this. Still a cutie pie.

I've been feeling a bit like this...
  It would be so easy to just ignore the holiday malarkey this year and concentrate on celebrating Christ instead. I'm sure my family would understand. They would look at each other and shake their heads and whisper "poor mom is feeling her age. Maybe we expect too much from her." You, who know me would think: what's got into Sue this year?? Well, I'll tell you. I am having a big ole pathetic pity party because I am laid low with a sinus infection. It is all consuming at the moment but I expect I will be myself again soon. In the meantime I am going to do absolutely nothing but pamper myself. Then it will be full steam ahead as I try to make up for lost time. 

My Simplistic Way of Looking at Life in this Troubled World

It is a mistake to look too far ahead. If you focus on the past you will become depressed, if you focus on the future you might become anxious. Just try to see the beauty of small things today. I think that's why I love my camera. I try to capture the moment.

Moon Over Bethlehem (Pennsylvania).


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